Friday, March 12, 2010

"WPC R Le Hegerat Statement" page 2

The next passage continues on from the foot of page one.

"I noticed that he had a knife, he was holding it in his hand but I cannot say which hand this was."

Why ever not sweetheart?

"It was near to the middle of his body."

Oh really, well, that is not quite the same as to her throat (Minty, Parker) is it people?

"I cannot say where Lisa Healion was in relation to Evans when I first saw him in possession of the knife."

I think that what she is really trying to say, is that she has had enough of lying in this case.

I think it clear that this is an honourable lady at heart, who has been sucked in by the corruption of her colleagues and has come under pressure to back up the corrupt contingent.

Boy, I would love to get my hands on her first statement, but I feel that it is lost to the annals of history, or the shredder !!!

It is a crying shame that she was not honest in the first instance, but better late than never lady. Let us hope that she has gone on to be an honourable, decent Policewoman.

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