Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Sgt David Le Sueur Statement" page 1

Well, here we go again with more conflicting evidence. This chap is in almost total disagreement with the other officers, and actually speaks the truth in one excerpt!

"Evans, who had his hands handcuffed in front of him." Huh? "In front off him"? Now there is a new twist on the ensuing scenario. Let us proceed.
"He was placed on the floor of the cell where a search was made of his person." What happened to the (too violent to be searched) extract?
"It was necessary to place his head in the gap beneath the bench to restrict his movements." Now this bit I remember, as I questioned an officer the next morning on this tactic. The officer told me that it was a new restraint technique that had just been employed in Jersey. That then explained why I had been rammed head first under the wheel arch of the car! They were trying this new little invention out on me !!!
P.S Remember the evidence of PC S Thomas, who so thoughtfully held my head (four times) to stop me hurting myself! No mention of that here is there???

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