Sunday, March 7, 2010

"PC R Parker Statement" continued, page 5

"It was obvious to me from the girls actions that they wished to depart company from Evans." Ok, so how was it obvious? and what actions?

"but were prevented from doing so as Evans was restraining one of them (Lisa Jane Healion), (my ex) by the wrists."
What! this is the point where I had seen Lisa and gently took hold of the lower part of her left arm and said, "what are you doing back here, it is lovely to see you" or words very similar. The assertion of Parker, that I had grabbed both her wrists and was restraining her, is just simply not true. But is entirely what we have come to expect from Parker, say anything to make matters appear as bad as possible.

"then I saw Evans push both girls into the shop doorway." Oh really? The truth of the matter is that I had tripped over the boxes outside the doorway. Because I had hold of Lisa's forearm she had stumbled slightly when I had tripped. This does not constitute pushing two females into a doorway !!!

"I heard Sgt Minty requesting Evans to let the girls go." Why? I was not even touching them, so how could I be preventing them from leaving?

"Evans responded to Sgt Minty's request by moving toward him and pointing a finger shouted (fuck off, i'll kill you i'll cut your fucking throat)." Well, that is definitely a Grave & Criminal Assault on a police officer, if ever I heard one, and I was not charged with any offence in connection!!!

"He then turned to me and again pointing shouted (fuck off with the radio, i'll fucking cut your face)." Well, that is yet another Grave & Criminal Assault on a police officer, and I was not charged with any offence in connection!!!

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