Friday, March 5, 2010

"PC S Langford" page 2

"Evans face down on the ground however inspite of this he was still lashing out violently with his arms and legs."

"With his arms"??? Most (if not all) of the other officers said I immediately put my arms under my body!!! So how many sets of arms do I have pc Langford ???

Again, I cannot be bothered with this mandatory nonsense.

However, a couple of years later this officer gave evidence against a guy I use to work the doors with. It was clearly proven that he lied in his evidence as the defendant had acquired a secret tape recording that blew this coppers lies right out of the water.

P.Bailhache threw the case out of the Royal Court. The policeman (pc Langford) never even got reprimanded, and the guy who gave the recorded evidence, was fired as manager of the nightclub. Typical Jersey Justice!!!

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