Thursday, March 25, 2010

"The Buchannon Affair" Section F (the shit hits the fan)

Well folks, it's the 16th April 1995 and here we go with some REAL EVIDENCE, and not just the conflicted, run of the mill, lunatic waffling's of the Jersey Police backing each other up to the hilt.

In this section we have the statements of the five police officers, we have the story as told by myself of what ACTUALLY HAPPENED !!!

The offending officers are as follows:
Pc Andy Smith
Wpc Tracy Le Neveu
Pc Paul Whale
Sgt Charles McDowell
Wpc Keeley Wood

What we also have is the evidence of a truthful, and indeed, honourable man who was a very good friend of one of the police officers (Pc Andy Smith) involved in this shocking tale of collusion, conspiracy, bullying and perjury.

Furthermore, we have the sheer malfeasance of a Judge and an Advocate (my advocate?) who have colluded in this case to protect the five corrupt police officers from perjury charges, and subsequently, prison sentences.

Judge Terry.C.Sowden Q.C
Advocate Christopher Lakeman

Also, we will be featuring the recordings and transcripts of Stuart Buchannon's evidence. This will give the unbelievers much to ponder on and will give you a clear insight into the corrupt workings of Judges, Advocates, and the States of Jersey Police.

We will be finishing off this case with the representations, or rather, lack of them, by our so called "Accredited Media" who did (as per usual) the bare minimum in reporting this case to the Jersey public and the outside world.

So, settle down with a good stiff drink and soak up some of the fine Jersey Corruption on offer!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Section E, The Evil Policemen"

I have now had my little tantrum (which was allowed). We shall now revert back to type and do things with a clear mind, and the hefty stick of justice. REAL JUSTICE, not Jersey Justice!

Section E, arises out of my Fiancee and young son disappearing from Jersey with no word, the reasons for which, have still not been made clear to me. This section is on pages 4 and 5 of the eleven page document and should be read first.

My Points Of View & Questions

1. Why send me away to worry myself sick for two days when they knew the truth from the outset?
2. Why could the police just not say, we know where they are, and that they are both safe?
3. Why, when I rang Kingston Police, and they subsequently faxed the Jersey Police, did the Jersey Police refuse to co-operate with the Kingston Police?
4. Why did they lie to me by telling me that Lisa had flown to Heathrow, when she had flown to Ireland?
5. Why refuse to fax Dublin Police Station, it would have taken two short minutes and given me some peace of mind?
6. Why would they laugh at me and mock me about something like this. My family was missing and could have been floating in a canal for all I knew?
7. Why say to me "just face it Ian, she fucking hates you". This is the last thing you need to be told in this situation?
8. Why arrest me for swearing at them when they had just done the exact same to me?
9. Why should the police get away with their disgusting treatment of myself, and the assault and perjurious statements that must have followed, but were not handed to me?
10. Why is it that the only person to give a damn was the Irish Policeman, when I went back the next night? (Many thanks to you Sir, a gentleman)

The Attorney General's Take On The Matter

1. "You allege that the police were un-cooperative and dishonest over the state of their enquiries".
Err, hello, where they not? Their phone records would have proved this fact as would the sound and video evidence from their reception area? Was this checked? Destroyed probably!!!

2. "you further allege that you were assaulted by police officers at police headquarters when you insulted them because of their alleged lack of co-operation".
I see Mr Birt, it is fine for them to insult me in the first instance then, is it? The assault that took place must have been caught on the outside camera's of the police station, were they checked? Destroyed probably !!!

3. "your complaint was investigated by superintendent Le Brocq".
Is this the same Le Brocq who (I believe, at the time) was being investigated for corruption, for tearing pages out of his note book? and who was(I believe) fired for said offence?

4. "I concluded that no criminal proceedings should be issued against them"...."and the complaint was therefore recorded as unsubstantiated".
Unsubstantiated? If the evidence that was on offer was ignored or destroyed, yes it would be, wouldn't it !!!


The evidence was there for viewing. It was either viewed and destroyed, or just destroyed. The latter being the obvious scenario.
There was no need for the Jersey Police to have treated me in this manner, they did it only in the hope that I would react, and I did! BUT WHO THE HELL WOULD NOT HAVE ?


Monday, March 22, 2010

"My Summary Of Section D"

Well, what do you think? Just who is the wolf, and who is the lamb?

It certainly sounded bad from the police point of view didn't it. Is Ian Evans really that evil?

I will let you decide, but, please take on board the facts whilst deliberating on your opinion.

I believe that I have shown you all a catalogue of lies from police officers in this case, that cannot be in dispute. Furthermore, I was not charged with any offences in connection with the many alleged Grave & Criminal Assaults on police officers, or indeed Lisa. Other than Pc Langlois (2 very minor scratches), no police officer reported any injury.

Many of you will have no concept of just how corrupt and ethically bankrupt the regime in Jersey is. You will have no idea of just how low they will stoop to get you if they do not like you, or if your face does not fit. Stay with me on this, because I will provide the evidence.

These last cases are the ones referred to in the covering letter of the 11 page document. I stated therein, that I had little or no evidence for these cases. To the trained eye, a lot of this evidence is damning. To Joe Public, it takes some doing to get your head around.

I will leave you with two thoughts:
1. Lisa testified in court that "she had never even seen a knife".
2. Sections C & D came about because (section C) I had a piss late at night, and (section D) because I wanted to talk to my ex-girlfriend Lisa.

I was obviously set up by the police as I should have been arrested at the harbour's immigration control when detained. Mountains out of mole hill's, and police over-reaction springs to mind.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Summary From The Attorney General Mr M.Birt QC"

Well, the A.G sums thing up in sections C & D, in only a way that an A.G can.

He words things beautifully so that it makes me look bad and stupid, that is indeed his skill, his trade, it's what he does for a living.

Myself, I am a carpet fitter so can only learn from my mistakes, my intellect, and analysis of events, laws etc. But by God, I am learning as you will undoubtedly see as we move through the cases.

The A.G will make me look stupid and inadequate again, in this next case. But, it will be the LAST TIME THAT HE DOES.

"PC M Gateley Statement" continued, page 4

Lets see if officer Gateley can come up with "anything" remotely constructive or accurate on his last page!

"He may have been left with the handcuffs still on on this occasion but cannot recall."

Well, there you go folks, enough said. What the hell can you do with a policeman that cannot remember a God Damned Thing?

Answer: Send him back to primary school. I REST MY CASE.

"PC M Gateley Statement" continued, page 3

Hmmm, Pc Gateley yes, this is the idiot that cannot remember anything from the night before? i.e "but do not recall using my (stick) at all". Oh well, lets see what we get from him tonight shall we!

"Evans was threatening officers at the scene who moved in and restrained him."

Wow, is that it? I guess so, this is the sum total of officer Gateley's observations at a crime scene that allegedly involves a crazed man holding a knife to the throat of a young woman and indeed, threatening to cut her throat?

It's no wonder that people laugh at The States of Jersey Police, is it ???

"PC M Journeaux Statement" page 2

"A couple of minutes later I was standing 6 to 8 feet away from Evans cell door when I received a sharp blow to the right temple. I then saw a cigarette lighter land on the cell floor, it had broken on impact with my head."

It landed on the cell floor did it? How the fuck did it do that? I was inside the cell, and you were outside the cell. Are you trying to say that the lighter went through a nine inch square hatch then bounced back through the hatch and fell on the floor in my cell??? IDIOT.

"I received bruising and swelling as a result of this."

Then where in God's name is the police surgeons report, where are the photographs, and why was I not charged with any offence in connection???

Pc Martin Journeaux, your just a liar....

PC M Journeaux Statement" page 1

"I assisted Pc S.Bisson in removing the handcuffs from this man."

This is true, unlike the crap that Hayes has just come out with.

"Evans was noticeably under the the influence of intoxicants and was in a pugnacious mood."

Why has Pc Journeaux started lying? Pugnacious meaning "ready or up for a fight". I was calm and tearful, was I not? or is it the other coppers that are lying?

"PC A Hayes Statement" continued, page 5

"On arrival the violence and struggling continued and he was carried into a cell, searched and the hand cuffs removed before the door was closed."

Well there's an oddity? a few posts back it was three different officers who took the hand cuffs off some time later, after I had calmed down, according to them!!! and remember that I was calm and tearful and talking to Sgt Le Seuer!

Pc Adrian Vincent Hayes, your just a liar....

"PC A Hayes Statement" continued, page 4

"I noticed also that there were 2 females at the scene one of which seemed to be trying to get away from Evans and telling him to calm down."

Seemed to be telling him to calm down? SEEMED! does this copper not deal in facts?

"He was trying to take hold of her arm and she was pulling away."

Well, there we go, other officers state that I had my left arm around her chest and a knife to her throat!!!

"This violent and aggressive behaviour continued and he was arrested and restrained."

What an absolute crock of shit. If a copper on the mainland had put this statement in as evidence, the case would have been thrown out and he would have been fired.

Jersey Rank Amateur, cannot even lie properly.

"PC S Langford Statement" continued, page 5

"Evans had thrown his lighter at us through the cell hatch which had missed us and struck Pc Journeaux."

Yes true, but on his left leg. At least no mention here of the infamous bump/bruise.

"Whilst standing outside the door watching Evans in his cell he spat at me on two occasions."

Spitting at someone (especially a police officer, and in Jersey) is classed as an assault, so another two reasons to charge me with crimes. Yep, you guessed it, I was not charged with any offence in connection. Even the charging officer didn't believe these lies, incredible !!!

I just cannot fathom how these people get away with such blatant lies on this island, it is imponderable.

"PC S Langford Statement" continued, page 4

"Attempts were made to talk to Evans by police Sergeant David Le Sueur and duty Inspector Dave Ellis."

According to Insp D.Ellis, in his own statement, he was in his office? What is Langford on about?

"PC S Langford Statement" continued, page 3

Just the usual blind and untruthful rantings of a Jersey Policeman on this page.

What is significant however, is that Langford (as did Insp Ellis) has chosen to distance himself from any mention of a knife. Any mention of knives held to throats, or even, any mention of Lisa? How Bizarre, and Why?

"PC S Bisson Statement" page 3

"Upon approaching the cell area I could see smoke coming from Evans cell and it was soon apparent that he had set fire to his blanket."

Haha, impossible. Police Station Blankets do not, and cannot burn, they are deliberately made of flame retardant material for this very purpose. So, sorry Steve old chap, but NOT TRUE !!! I had actually set fire to some toilet paper, and then, my shirt. So why is this copper saying it was the cell blanket ? More proof that policemen will say just about anything, other than the truth.
"I then saw Evans throwing a disposable lighter through the cell door opening, which hit Pc Martin Journeaux on the side of the head causing bruising."

Again, the same lies, and not very good ones. No need to go into the police surgeon thing, and the bruise syndrome again is there!

"PC S Bisson Statement" page 2

"At 01.58 hrs that morning I entered Evans cell in the company of Pc Martin Journeaux, Pc Thomas, and Sgt Le Suer. By this time Evans had calmed down significantly and was very tearful. I removed his handcuffs and he was spoken to by Sergeant Le Suer who told him he would be given time to calm down before allowing him a phone call."

This is actually true despite contradictions from the other officers. So there I am, handcuffs removed, calm but tearful and speaking to Sgt Le Suer. SO WHAT HAPPENED to get me all rialed up then???

Well, I will tell you. Two or three coppers stood there for half an hour taking the piss out of the fact that we (myself & Lisa) had had two miscarriages!!! Is this type of action within police mandate???

Is it any wonder then, that I totally flipped. These idiots will do anything they can to wind a prisoner up and incite behaviour to cause more offences to be committed. This is how the Jersey Police operate, ask anyone who has ever been arrested by them, they will all tell the same story.

"PC S Bisson Statement" page 1

"The male person was by this time surrounded by police officers and was shouting at them to get their hands off him."

Really, well actually, at that time no police officer had hold of me so this is not true.

"I then saw Inspector Ellis take hold of Evans to arrest him at which he resisted violently."

Again, not true. I turned my back to them to tell Lisa to move away, then they dived on top of me, the first of which was Pc Langlois.

"PC A Bisson Statement" continued, page 7

What more can we say ?

I will leave this LIAR with the final word on his statement.

"This statement is true." A. Bisson

"PC A Bisson Statement" continued, page 6

"I was standing about 4 feet from the cell door when I saw Evans throw a lighter out of the cell hatch with great force. This hit Pc M Journeaux, who was standing about six-7 feet away. It struck Pc Journeaux on the side of his head and broke on the impact."

Again, this is grave & Criminal Assault, yet no charges against me. The lighter broke on impact? Err, no it didn't. When I got the lighter back the next morning, I found that the police had dismantled it to the point of even taking the wheel apart and the flint was missing!!!

"On looking at Pc Journeaux's head, I could see a bruise coming up immediately."

Whatever, anyone with even the most minimal basic medical knowledge knows full well that it takes time for a bruise to appear.

Again, why no complaint of Police Assault, no charges and no evidence from the police surgeon? ANSWER, Pc Andrew Bisson is just an out and out LIAR!!!

"PC A Bisson Statement" continued, page 5

Again, just the mandatory rantings of threats to all officers, swearing and headbutting doors etc !

However, we do have a rather strange line at the end of this page.

"Pc Burke took hold of a fire extinguisher and placed the nozzle through the cell door, aiming it at Evans, who appeared to be alight."

Appeared to be alight??? what does he mean? In actual fact, the fire extinguisher was sprayed into my face and mouth, much to the humour of our wonderful policemen. But there we are, small things eh!

"PC A Bisson Statement" continued, page 4

Nothing to see here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

"Insp D Ellis Statement" page 4

The lighter had struck Pc Journeaux....

"on the side of the head with such force that a swelling was caused and the lighter broke."

Knowing this, what should Inspector Ellis have done? He should have examined Pc Journeaux himself, then ordered the police surgeon to make a full report and arrange for photographs of said injury to be taken. Yet he did nothing! WHY NOT? Because there was no injury, that's why.

As I have stated in the eleven page document, the lighter hit him on the left thigh, so he could not have had a bruise or swelling on his head!!!

We had Parker go to the police surgeon with a 4 or 5 day old bruise. We had Pc Langlois go to the police surgeon with a little scrape on his elbow and a small scratch on his neck, caused by his fellow officers.

Now we have Pc Journeaux, with a noticeable wound, witnessed by other officers, who does not bother with the police surgeon, or photographs. COME ON !!!

Who do you believe is the liar.

"Insp D Ellis Statement" page 3

The Inspector was told that...

"In his temper Evans had thrown a lighter through the hatch and it had struck Pc Journeaux."

Well, that is Grave & Criminal Assault, what did the Inspector do about this crime?

"Insp D Ellis Statement" page 2

"He was shouting threats of violence."

Like What ???

"After a few moments Sgt Minty managed to pull his female captive free."

Female captive? pull free? hahaha. Minty, the man of the hour, hero.

Except for the fact that he never pulled anyone anywhere, it was myself that told Lisa to move away.

I see that the Inspector has had the good sense to distance himself from the perjurious wafflings about holding knives to throats, and threats to cut throats. Indeed, this is the very reason that he is an Inspector, not as stupid as the rest of them.

"Insp D Ellis Statement" page 1

"It was obvious that the girl was very frightened and wanted to get away."

Well, elaborate please. How was it obvious that she was frightened, and what of?

Lisa trusted me more than any bloke she had ever known, so to say she was frightened is absurd. Probably fearful for my safety if anything.

"I could see that Evans was a very large man." SO WHAT ?

If I was five foot tall, and six stone dripping wet, would the Inspector have made any mention of that factor? Of course not, it's called sensationalism.

"WPC R Le Hegerat Statement" page 2

The next passage continues on from the foot of page one.

"I noticed that he had a knife, he was holding it in his hand but I cannot say which hand this was."

Why ever not sweetheart?

"It was near to the middle of his body."

Oh really, well, that is not quite the same as to her throat (Minty, Parker) is it people?

"I cannot say where Lisa Healion was in relation to Evans when I first saw him in possession of the knife."

I think that what she is really trying to say, is that she has had enough of lying in this case.

I think it clear that this is an honourable lady at heart, who has been sucked in by the corruption of her colleagues and has come under pressure to back up the corrupt contingent.

Boy, I would love to get my hands on her first statement, but I feel that it is lost to the annals of history, or the shredder !!!

It is a crying shame that she was not honest in the first instance, but better late than never lady. Let us hope that she has gone on to be an honourable, decent Policewoman.

"WPC R Le Hegerat Statement" page 1

"I would like to clarify a couple of points in my witness statement."
As you have probably gathered by now, I do not have wpc Le Hegerat's original statement, I was not furnished with it.
Why not? you may ask. Well the truth is that she probably said something in it that went against what the other officers had said, so the Establishment just hide it from you, works for them. A point that I will make clear in a future case.

"I stated that Evans swung at me when I approached him."
This was probably under the (direction and advice) of Sgt D.Minty who probably tried to get her to say that I had attempted to hit her!

"He threw his right arm toward me while he was still running in an apparent attempt to push me away and warn me off from making a second attempt."
Firstly, she makes no mention of the knife that Parker and Minty say, was in my right hand?
Secondly, why is she changing her story, and in my favour when she now says "in an apparent attempt to push me away" ?

I think that WPC Mary Rose Le Hegerat has had a (crisis of conscience) and has seen this incident for what it really was, another inflammatory bout of Jersey Police bullying and corruption.

"Sgt D Minty Statement" continued, page 7

Going to skip most of the garbage on this page as matters are growing very wearisome.

I will however comment on the last paragraph as it relates to a point I previously made at page four of Minty's statement. My Point was "looks like he also advised them on what to write in their statements."

"Direction and advice was given to Pc Parker, who was the officer delegated to deal with the case."

NO SHIT Officer Minty! Judging by the way yours, and Parker's alleged recollections of the two phrases were word perfect (page four), I would submit that this was not (direction and advice) but conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

"Sgt D Minty Statement" continued, page 6

"he then put the knife to Lisa Healion's throat."

"whilst he continued threatening us and threatening to cut the girl's throat."

Well, Parker never mentioned this either? how odd?

"The girl was clearly terrified and distressed."

Oh hell yes, terrified enough to give me a kiss and smile! (terrified and distressed enough to come visit me in prison at the earliest opportunity and announce that she still loved me and wanted to get back together.

It is funny, but last week I was reading Senator Stuart Syvret's Blog. Someone mentioned a copper called Minty, I posed the question, is it D.Minty, is this the same guy?

The reply was "Yes it is Ian, the most corrupt policeman in Jersey." Enough said...

"Sgt D Minty Statement" continued, page 5

"his eyes were glazed and bloodshot and I could smell intoxicants on his breath-even from the distance I was stood away from him."

Another one of those phrases etched into the police station wall, they all come out with it you know, every last one of them. Even the Judges must get bored of it !!!

"he waved the knife towards my face, shouting I'm going to fucking cut you."

This is a new one, Parker never said anything about this? Oh well, if your going to fabricate evidence, you might as well go the whole hog.
NO, THAT'S IT, Grave & Criminal Assault NUMBER SIX ??? Another five minutes and I could have reached double figures....

"Sgt D Minty Statement" continued, page 4

"Evans turned and pointed at me, shouting fuck off, I'll kill you, I'll cut your fucking throat."

"Who then shouted at pc Parker, fuck off with the radio, I'll cut your fucking face."

I think it is amazing how these two can say exactly the same thing in this instance, yet (one minute earlier) they cannot even agree on how many hands I have??? absolutely unbelievable

Perhaps this is what Sgt Minty meant earlier in his statement, when he said "that he advised the officers of the offences that Evans had committed" ???

Looks like he also advised them on what to write in their statements!!!

"Sgt D Minty Statement" continued, page 3

"I saw Evans speaking to the two girls (names) in what appeared to be a heated discussion."

How, pray tell, did it appear to be a heated discussion? Minty & Parker were across the other side of the road, and sat in a police vehicle? What exactly did they hear?
Opinions are not facts, and therefore, irrelevant.

"Lisa Healion was later established to be an ex-girlfriend of Evans, appeared very reluctant to speak to Evans and clearly wanted to go on their way. Evans prevented both from doing this by holding onto them both by their wrists."

According to Pc Parker, I was holding Lisa by both of her wrists? Perhaps I am secretly, an octopus? Make your minds up please !!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"PC R Parker Statement" continued, page 7

"Evans then looked directly at me then threw the knife at me. It hit me on my right foot."

What Parker fails to make mention of is the fact that I looked at him because he requested me to throw the knife (over the other side of the road) to him. He then fails to mention that when the knife was thrown over to him, the blade was closed, and the fact that it was thrown under-arm !!! Furthermore, when I eventually received the knife back from the police, I found that they had snapped the end of the blade off, presumably to make it look as though the knife had been thrown with the blade open!!! Fucking scumbags. More manipulation of the evidence, this jerk seems to have a real knack for distorting the truth.

Oh, and before we go any further, this is now Grave & Criminal Assault NUMBER FIVE, and (yep, you guessed it) I was not charged with any offence in connection!!!
"Sgt Minty and Marie Francis Healion were continually talking to Evans and were eventually able to pull Lisa Healion free."
What is this lying twat on about??? I asked Lisa if we could talk, she said yes, we then kissed. I then said to Lisa, you had better move as these clowns are going to arrest me. So how the fuck do Minty and Lisa's sister manage to pull her free !!!!!
"Evans was then approached by a number of officers and he became extremely violent, lashing out with his arms and legs. He was continually shouting threats at all officers."
How many times do we have to endure this laborious phrase? Is this the only thing Parker can say? Is this phrase also carved into the police station wall?
"During both these incidents I found Evans strength and power to be frightening."
WHY Parker? I never laid a finger on you, or any other officer, so what is there to fear???
Thank the Lord, we only have one more set of lies to come from this corrupt little twerp.

"PC R Parker Statement" continued, page 6

"Sgt Minty was still trying to reason with Evans and it was during this distraction that both females managed to get out of the doorway and run off toward Minden Place."

Distraction? No No No, it was at this point that I knew I was in for another night in the cells, more trumped up charges, and another possible beating. This is the point where I (foolishly) went into my pocket, pulled out the penknife and put it to my own wrist. I then told Minty and Parker to back off or I would cut my own wrist. See how the police lie and manipulate any situation to make it sound as dire as possible.

"Evans then left the doorway and began to run toward Minden Place. As he did so I saw him going through his pockets he then stopped outside the Viceroy restaurant."

Hahaha, this is absolutely impossible! Why? well because the Viceroy is next to the doorway, and the doorway is nearer to Minden Place than the Viceroy!!! It follows therefore, that I would have to have been running in the opposite direction to Minden Place, bloody idiot.

According to Parker, I then "turned to face myself and Sgt Minty waving an arm about in front of him he shouted (I'm going to fucking cut you)."

Again, Parker is lying. It was at this point that I actually closed the penknife and put it back in my pocket, but there we are. Well there we have it folks, Grave & Criminal Assault on a police officer NUMBER THREE, and I was not charged with any offence in connection!!!

"Evans took hold of her (Lisa) with an arm across her chest and positioned her directly in front of him." "He then lifted up his free hand in which I saw he was holding a knife with the blade open and held it to her throat shouting threats and telling us to get away."

So, according to (honest John) PC Parker, this is the first time he saw the knife? Whatever. He then says that I held it to Lisa's throat, the girl I was in love with? Whatever. Oh, and before we forget, this is now Grave & Criminal Assault NUMBER FOUR, and I was not charged with any offence in connection!!!

I really am racking up the assault charges aren't I, four in the space of two minutes, WOW.

"PC R Parker Statement" continued, page 5

"It was obvious to me from the girls actions that they wished to depart company from Evans." Ok, so how was it obvious? and what actions?

"but were prevented from doing so as Evans was restraining one of them (Lisa Jane Healion), (my ex) by the wrists."
What! this is the point where I had seen Lisa and gently took hold of the lower part of her left arm and said, "what are you doing back here, it is lovely to see you" or words very similar. The assertion of Parker, that I had grabbed both her wrists and was restraining her, is just simply not true. But is entirely what we have come to expect from Parker, say anything to make matters appear as bad as possible.

"then I saw Evans push both girls into the shop doorway." Oh really? The truth of the matter is that I had tripped over the boxes outside the doorway. Because I had hold of Lisa's forearm she had stumbled slightly when I had tripped. This does not constitute pushing two females into a doorway !!!

"I heard Sgt Minty requesting Evans to let the girls go." Why? I was not even touching them, so how could I be preventing them from leaving?

"Evans responded to Sgt Minty's request by moving toward him and pointing a finger shouted (fuck off, i'll kill you i'll cut your fucking throat)." Well, that is definitely a Grave & Criminal Assault on a police officer, if ever I heard one, and I was not charged with any offence in connection!!!

"He then turned to me and again pointing shouted (fuck off with the radio, i'll fucking cut your face)." Well, that is yet another Grave & Criminal Assault on a police officer, and I was not charged with any offence in connection!!!

"PC R Parker Statement" continued, page 4

I thought it only fair to start with Parker's statement, after all, he just has so much to say.

What are the odds of bumping into Parker the next night? I sure don't get much luck do I?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"10th April 1993-Section D, A New Chapter"

Hello again you lovely people, it's time for Section D.

This runs from page 3 to 4 of the 11 page document and can be found in the October section of 2009. It is advisable to read this section before throwing yourselves into the evidence, and indeed, my analysis of said evidence. The mists will clear.

Well, buckle up for another hair-raising ride into the world of lies and deceit that are, The States Of Jersey Police.

Hope you like the picture. You can draw your own conclusions as to it's significance!!!

"My Summary Of Events On The 9/April/1993"

This is the last page on this particular event before we move on to the corruption of the 10/April/1993, (the next night).

I hope that by now, I have clearly shown what a shower of liars and bullies the Jersey Police, lawyers, judges, and the establishment are? I think it is true too say that you cannot argue with your own lies, especially when they are as well documented as they are on this blog.

There can be NO DOUBT that many, if not all of the policemen involved in this incident have lied, and/or conspired to pervert the course of justice.

There can be NO DOUBT that the police surgeon Dr M.Hommes has sided with the police, a trait that will become more obvious as we progress through the cases on offer.

There can be NO DOUBT that the judges have at best, washed their hands of any intention to weed out the truth, or indeed, to expose it.

There can be NO DOUBT that my Advocate has performed in the most disdainful manner in that none of the previous evidence even got a mention, let alone got aired in a court of law.

There can be NO DOUBT that the Attorney General has done all in his power to cover this matter up, and in doing so, shielded corrupt policemen, court officials and lawyers from the criminality that they have committed.

There can be NO DOUBT that the only hope that I ever had of a peaceful life in Jersey, was to take this abuse on the chin, and in the pocket. Keep my mouth shut about corruption, and apologise profusely for the wrongdoing of others to my person.

For this is Jersey Justice, and so, welcome to "The Jersey Way" !!!!! See you all soon.

P.S I know that members of the Jersey Police Force & The Establishment are reading this blog. If any of you would like to comment, or indeed, attempt to defend yourselves on my charges against you, I would be more than happy to publish and challenge any of your comments, especially those of the Policemen that are mentioned herein.

What is the betting that the comment numbers are zero, zilch, zip ?????

"Attorney General's Outlook On This Case"

So let us see what Mr Birt can come up with in response to this tirade of lies and deceit
We now go back to the second response from the Attorney General, page two.
Not unreasonable you would think from reading his explanation. What the A.G fails to mention is the small matter of being emotionally blackmailed by my advocate, and the centennier who was outside court. The continuous bullying from the police, and attempts to interfere with my employment in the pubs and nightclubs.
In addition to which, we were hassled none stop by certain officers, all putting pressure on Lisa and our relationship.
Notwithstanding the undeniable fact that I was never ever going to get any justice from a system so riddled with corruption and totally devoid of human ethics and morals, that the only chance I had was to forget matters and hope I would be left alone to live in peace. This I will prove to you over the next five cases, so bare with me and be patient, the truth will out !!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

"My Letter To The A.G-Mr M.Birt" page 2

After you have read this page, there is little left to say on this sad and sorry concoction of lies and bullshit.

I will post Birt's comments and then a summary for you all to dwell on before we dive into the murky world of section D of the eleven page document. You will just love the lies in that section.


"My Letter To The A.G-Mr M.Birt" page 1

So Folks, we are nearly to the end of (section c).
This is a letter that I wrote to the Attorney General on the 12/02/1997. Remember that I am in prison now, again, for a crime that I did not commit. I wrote to Birt begging, just to be left alone, having been stitched up on five previous occasions.
As you will read, even after the vile treatment that I had received over the years, and indeed, the complete lack of justice metered out to me, I was still prepared to forgive and forget.

Are these the actions and attitude of a man that the police have just described in their statements as "vicious, extremely violent, and out of control" ???


"PC S Langford" page 2

"Evans face down on the ground however inspite of this he was still lashing out violently with his arms and legs."

"With his arms"??? Most (if not all) of the other officers said I immediately put my arms under my body!!! So how many sets of arms do I have pc Langford ???

Again, I cannot be bothered with this mandatory nonsense.

However, a couple of years later this officer gave evidence against a guy I use to work the doors with. It was clearly proven that he lied in his evidence as the defendant had acquired a secret tape recording that blew this coppers lies right out of the water.

P.Bailhache threw the case out of the Royal Court. The policeman (pc Langford) never even got reprimanded, and the guy who gave the recorded evidence, was fired as manager of the nightclub. Typical Jersey Justice!!!

"PC S Langford Statement" page 1

The usual tittle tattle on this page, not even bothering this time.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Sgt David Le Sueur Statement" page 2

"Evans managed to kick out with considerable force narrowly missing several officers."

Hahaha, remember the statement from the Burke a few posts back, who says I kicked Pc Hayes over, which Pc Hayes (by his own admissions) knew nothing about ???

"Evans got quickly to his feet and began to kick and hit the door with his hands and bare feet."

So what happened to the headbanging extract then? At least this guy (so far) is partially honest. What a breath of slightly more palatable air.

"Sgt David Le Sueur Statement" page 1

Well, here we go again with more conflicting evidence. This chap is in almost total disagreement with the other officers, and actually speaks the truth in one excerpt!

"Evans, who had his hands handcuffed in front of him." Huh? "In front off him"? Now there is a new twist on the ensuing scenario. Let us proceed.
"He was placed on the floor of the cell where a search was made of his person." What happened to the (too violent to be searched) extract?
"It was necessary to place his head in the gap beneath the bench to restrict his movements." Now this bit I remember, as I questioned an officer the next morning on this tactic. The officer told me that it was a new restraint technique that had just been employed in Jersey. That then explained why I had been rammed head first under the wheel arch of the car! They were trying this new little invention out on me !!!
P.S Remember the evidence of PC S Thomas, who so thoughtfully held my head (four times) to stop me hurting myself! No mention of that here is there???

"Your Views On My Progress"

Ha ha ha, I love this picture!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

"PC M Gateley Statement" page 3

"and started to kick the door violently, I looked through the glass and he appeared to be also hitting the door with his head."

"Appeared to be also hitting the door with his head." What do you mean, appeared to be? Don't you know?

And if he doesn't know, and wasn't looking through the glass, how can he know that I was kicking the door???

I think it's that "cover ass syndrome" again, you remember, the little ruse to explain my head injuries!!!

"PC M Gateley Statement" page 2

"I am told that I used my truncheon during the task of freeing his arms, but do not recall using my "stick" at all."

"I am told", by who? Sgt D.Minty?

When were you told? whilst writing your statement in front of your friends, no doubt.

"but do not recall", Jesus Christ, this guy is absolutely bloody priceless !!!

"shouting abuse and threats to the effect of getting all officers present and killing them when free etc."

We are off again, "to the effect", and it's round two for "etc". Exactly the same crap as page one, nearly word for bloody word. Is this phrase carved into the police station wall somewhere?

"PC M Gateley Statement" page 1

"shouting abuse and threats, saying words to the effect of killing those present if he was to "get loose" etc."

"get loose" (sounds like a quote to me), "words to the effect" make your mind up man !!! And what the hell do you mean "etc" ???
I saw the man reach for the gun and "etc" , it's just not happening is it really.
Is this person still at primary school ???
Good gravy, on to page two me thinks.

"PC Mark Burke Statement" page 3

This statement is actually from the next night, but put in to show what Pc Hayes, didn't say or do !
"Evans then threw his lighter through the hatch which hit Pc Journeaux on the right temple. The lighter was thrown very hard."

Since when has anybody, in the history of humanity, had a right temple on their left leg???

Again, this is yet "another" police assault. Why oh why was I not charged with any offence in connection ???

The punchline comes right at the end, "The above statement is true". Better go tell that to Pc Hayes, you Burke.

"PC Mark Burke Statement" page 2

Now for some of those promised nibbles! more like bites actually.

"at one point while he was on the floor being searched Pc Hayes was holding his legs and Evans straightened his legs violently, throwing Pc Hayes off his legs".

"Being searched", the other officers have stated that I was far to violent to be searched? What is this guy on about ???

"Throwing Pc Hayes off his legs". Why does Pc Hayes not make any mention of this incident in his statement, as it is clearly yet another police assault?

Nope, more lies from a corrupt policeman. If they are going to invent garbage like this, you would at least expect them to collaborate a little more closely!

No wonder he is called Burke !!!

"PC Mark Burke Statement" page 1

Nothing of any real interest on this page, much the "run of the mill" with no real details to pick at.

Would have been nice if he had said which policeman it was that twisted my right foot around, but too much to expect I guess?

However, we have some nibbles to munch on in page 2.