Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"The Response 2" page 4

"The Response 2" page 3

"The Response 2" page 2

"The Response 2" page 1

Well, here we are again people, and it's the second instalment of the Attorney General's response.

It would perhaps, at this stage, be appropriate to note the date on this document, the 7th of February 2000. Bearing in mind my revamped complaints were dated the 17th of December 1996, it appears that Mr Birt Q.C. was in no hurry to publish his findings on these matters. However, he did state in a previous response that the files were " voluminous."

Three years and three months worth ? Whatever !

So what I will do next is let you read these four pages without any outside interference, that means I will be keeping my trap shut. I would also like you all to keep in mind my version of events when reading through this dribble, just for comparison purposes.

After that, I will take you through each section as corresponded in Mr Birt's letter. I will then have the opportunity to match the relevant evidence with the A.G's summary as we go through the document. This is probably the most humorous way of doing it and a real feast for the eyes, as you will see "Alice in Wonderland" !

As Jilted John use to say, " here we go, 2. 3. 4. "

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Response"

This is the letter that I received from the Attorney General, Mr M.C. ST. J. Birt Q.C , in response to the 11 page document with covering letter.

I was actually thrilled at this letter as I had feared that matters would not even warrant a look in. I really thought that Justice was winging it's way to my cell door as I had been advised that the Attorney General was an honourable man who would not shirk his responsibilities.

It was only a matter of hours later that I actually realised that it was the Attorney General himself who had denied me justice in the first place ! How stupid was I ?

But that is what wrongful conviction and prison does to you. You grasp at dreams with both hands trying to find any excuse to believe that there is a way out of your nightmare !!!

But for the poor, there are no dreams in Jersey Justice, it's just one never ending nightmare !

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Letter page 1 of 11

The Letter page 2 of 11

The Letter page 3 of 11

The Letter page 4 of 11

The Letter page 5 of 11

The Letter page 6 of 11

The Letter page 7 of 11

The Letter page 8 0f 11

The Letter page 9 of 11

The Letter page 10 of 11

The Letter page 11 of 11

The Letter, c.c. list

"The Letter" covering letter for the 11 page letter

We take our first apprehensive steps into the cesspit that is "Jersey Governance". What's that on the underside of your shoe Sir ?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where to next ?

Well, lets see now ? Where shall we start ? Ah yes, the beginning ! Seems like a good place.
Well no, I will actually start from my prison days in Jersey 1996 - 1998, and a letter that I wrote to the Authorities of the island whilst in prison for a crime that I did not commit. This letter will explain in detail the abuse that I had suffered since coming to the island in 1988, to the time of the letter in 1996.
This letter is 11 pages long and is preceded by a covering letter and finishes with a c.c. list to all parties that this letter was sent to. It is a long document but an essential one in describing the systematic abuse that the Establishment inflicts on the people that the Jersey Police take a disliking to, or are afraid of ? Here we go people.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Introduction To Ian's World in Jersey

Hello you wonderful people, how the devil are you all ?

I am 46 years old, a carpet fitter, and have resided in Jersey, Channel Islands, U.K. for 21 years, lovely island, evil, corrupt Government & Police.

In my 21 years in Jersey, I have suffered almost every form of abuse and intimidation that is possible to be inflicted on a person. These abuses range from the verbal to, beatings by Police, perjury by Police, doctored evidence, conspiracy, intimidation of witnesses, fabrication of evidence, cover ups, and wrongful and unlawful imprisonment. Indeed, they cover the whole spectrum.

Over the next few months I shall endeavour to illustrate fully, the sheer evil that has been perpetrated on myself and my life. Indeed, destroying my mind and well being to the brink of suicide !!! Above, you will find a small sample of the savagery of the Jersey Police !

Nonetheless, here I am, and fighting back with avengeance.
I have a group on FaceBook called ("NO MORE" In Jersey!). This is where I began my ascent from the depths of depression and despair. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for many years as a result of the "Jersey Way", this was finally diagnosed in 2006 by my doctor, the wonderful and kind hearted Dr Ray Kennedy.
After sending me on a 9 week course of Computer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and a subsequent 3 years on anti depressants, I have finally attained the status of (back to being myself). It has been a very long and hard struggle back to health, but with this man's kindness and assistance, I have just about made it.
I would like also, at this point, to express my gratitude to the other Blogger's and FaceBook Friends who have supported me and encouraged me onward and upward. These people are as follows ;
Neil McMurray, Rico Sorda, Carrie Modral, Jill Gracia, Maureen Pinnwill, Debbie Hardisty, Dannie Jarman and Rose Le Heuze Pestana. FABULOUS PEOPLE, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM XXX