Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where to next ?

Well, lets see now ? Where shall we start ? Ah yes, the beginning ! Seems like a good place.
Well no, I will actually start from my prison days in Jersey 1996 - 1998, and a letter that I wrote to the Authorities of the island whilst in prison for a crime that I did not commit. This letter will explain in detail the abuse that I had suffered since coming to the island in 1988, to the time of the letter in 1996.
This letter is 11 pages long and is preceded by a covering letter and finishes with a c.c. list to all parties that this letter was sent to. It is a long document but an essential one in describing the systematic abuse that the Establishment inflicts on the people that the Jersey Police take a disliking to, or are afraid of ? Here we go people.


  1. Ian.

    So pleased to see you are now Blogging.

    Your story is one that needs telling and to as wide an audience as possible.

    Unfortunately your story is an oh so familiar one regarding how our government and police force operate.

    Will put you on my Bloglist, and welcome to the Blogsphere!!

  2. Good Man Ian

    Get that story out there. The more people that are aware the better.

    As VFC says there can be no hiding place for our government or police force thanks to bloggers.

    Let's hope they realise this sooner rather than later.