Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"The Police Surgeon's Report" it's the biggy folks

Remember this headline a few posts back ! Well, it is not the honourable Dr Hickson this time, it is his work colleague the totally corrupt Dr Holmes, A.K.A Police Surgeon. Funnily enough though, they share the same address and practice ? This guy will spout off any horse shit that the Jersey Authorities want him to, at a price of course. So without further ado, lets get to it.
Dr Holmes is the corrupt Police Surgeon that I mentioned whilst commenting on the honourable Dr Hickson's report. I said we would get to him later, and here we are. We will come across this guy many times again in the future, so remember him.
We will ignore the first paragraph as it is the mandatory crap that this fella comes out with, and is of no real consequence, or value. Para 2, "On examination, it was obvious that the stress of these two arrests had had a marked effect on PC Parker". I can imagine so, especially after viewing the damage that he and his buddies had inflicted on me ! You can just picture it can't you, Parker sitting there next to the doctor looking like "the pilot in the film, Airplane, quivering like jelly". Christ, where do these people get off ? According to this imbecile, the mark on PC Parker's arm is fingertip bruising ! So why are there not at least three or four small round singular marks on Parker's arm ? Furthermore, why is there no photograph of the alleged bruised thumb or the other wrist ? If you already distrust this idiot by now, wait until you see the garbage he comes out with in 1996 & 1997, UNBELIEVABLE, it really defies logic.

"PC Parker's Injuries" 1 photo

Remember in my summary I said that no Policemen suffered injury ? So I bring you the photograph of PC Parker's injuries, confused, yup, well so am I keeping in mind that I never laid a finger on any officer !

This is a photograph of the horrific wounds that I apparently inflicted on PC Parker during my uncontrolled fit of rage !!! As you can see, this brave protector of the public has had some traumatic ordeal. I really don't know how I lived with myself after viewing this photo ?
Can you see it ? the injury I mean ? Furthermore, who's arm is it anyway ? When was the picture taken ? and by whom ? and where ? Typical Jersey Police, no chain of evidence. Any crap will do as long as we can convince a judge that it is as we profess it to be. My guess is that this is an old photo of a copper from another case, the Jersey Police have then stuck a little sticker on it at number 16 and proclaimed to the world that this was in fact, PC Parker's arm !!!

"PC Parker 2nd Statement" 2 pages

So, four days on from his original statement and three weeks on from the incident, we now have more to contemplate. Parker realises that he has screwed up and decides to try and enhance his initial statement with some dubious explanation as to why I would suddenly go into the purported, fit of rage !!! You must ask yourselves, "why was this not in his original statement" ?

This new statement is clearly designed and constructed to show myself in a bad light, and gives rise to speculation that I had reacted badly to the news that I was in fact wanted, for the evil crime of incurring a parking ticket ! If this was the case, could the Police not have just asked me to attend the Police Station the next morning to clear matters up ???
Parker says how he was prepared to let me off with a verbal caution, these words are not the words used but there we are. He then states that "providing that he was not wanted the matter would go no further". He then goes on to drool about me being able to hear the conversation on his radio, I do not speak Police code as I have never been a Police Officer !!!
Parker then states "Evans would clearly have heard the reply not wanted". I never heard any such thing, Parker must be psychic ? Then he says "I received a coded reply to the effect that Evans was wanted locally". Again, I am not rehearsed in the art of Police code chat, but make your own minds up !

Monday, November 30, 2009

"Summary Of Parker's Statement" so far !

When compared to my version of events in the 11 page document, matters are clearly worlds apart. So who do you believe ? Is it PC Parker and co, or myself ? Well, lets weigh up the evidence.

1/ You know that no Police Officer suffered injury, yet I was 6' 5" & 18 stone of solid muscle ! Trained in martial arts, and a doorman who dealt with fights on a regular basis !
2/ You have seen the photographs of my treatment.
3/ Parker alleged four separate Police Assaults against me, yet no charges preferred ?
4/ Parker only mentioned two other Officers in attendance, yet there were many more ?
5/ There is the conflicting evidence of the pen-knife.
6/ There is the matter of the verbal threats and yet, no charges preferred ?
7/ There is the assertion that I was completely out of control, yet, what harm did I do ?
8/ There is the evidence of the Police Surgeon, who totally corroborated my version of events ?
9/ Then finally, there is the issue of my being wanted by the Jersey Police ? When customs had detained me for an hour the previous day, and then released me having confirmed that I was not wanted ?

So where are we with all this ? Well, we are not at the end, that's for sure. Parker's statement is seven pages long as it also deals with the incident the next night, also worthy of note is the fact that it took almost four hours for him to write ??? Parker made another statement four days later comprising of two full pages, this only took him a mere 25 minutes !!!

Now on to statement number two of PC Parker, things will shortly become clearer readers.

"P C Parker Statement page 4"

After the last three pages of crap, we are now at the Police Station. Parker then says "Evans was carried directly to a Police cell where efforts were made to search him and remove the handcuffs from his wrists". SEARCH HIM ? I had already emptied my pockets of my own volition at the scene, what is this twat on about ?

He then bullshits that I said to Sgt Le Sueur, "I'll remember your face, I'll follow you home and kill you". That is Grave & Criminal Assault is it not ? and I was not charged with any offence in connection !!!
He goes on to say, "that little scouse bastard I'll kill him, it might take three years but I'll kill him". Again, that is Grave & Criminal Assault is it not ? and I was not charged with any offence in connection !!!
This miserable speck of insignificance is so full of crap, it is beyond rational thinking. Who in their right mind would believe this shit ? especially when I was not even charged with one single Police Assault ? A Jersey Judge, that's who !

"P C Parker Statement page 3"

So now I am raging with anger and hatred, allegedly, screaming and shouting yet more threats and abuse. Have anyone of you readers stopped and asked yourself, why it is that none of these threats are recorded in his statement ? It's because I didn't make any threats, that's why. These scumbags just make anything up that comes into their tiny little minds.

Then apparently, I am brought to the ground by the three officers and start "throwing my head up and down, and from side to side". Why would I do that, where would it get me and what effect would it have on the situation ? none is the answer.
No, Parker has put this in his statement to try and justify the wounds on my head and face. He cannot tell what they really did, which was too run my head and face along the ground, then ram me head first under the front of a parked car !!!
Finally Parker states that he saw (a graze) on the side of my head, "I assumed this was caused by his wild and violent response to his arrest". Ha ha ha, fuck all to do with my head being bounced along the road and rammed under a car then, eh Parker ?

"P C Parker Statement page 2"

This poxy little weasel then goes on to say that I "forcibly pushed him away" whilst getting more and more irate. Is that not, assaulting a Police Officer ? so why was I not charged with any offence in connection ?
He then states that I had "adopted a very aggressive and threatening attitude" towards him. Then apparently I started shouting threats at the other two officers, more crimes with which to charge me, but again, I was not charged with any offence in connection.
I was asked to empty my pockets which I did, and handed the contents over to Parker, one of which was a small Swiss army penknife. Parker then states that I demanded the knife back ? If that is so, why would I have given it to him in the first place ? It just beggar's belief doesn't it !
Finally at the foot of the page he states that I grabbed his jacket and then his wrists. Yet another assault on a Police Officer ? and yet again, I was not charged with any offence in connection ? Why Not ????? I shall explain later.

"P C Parker Statement page 1" the arresting officer

Well, here we go with the first of many many statements from the lying, cheating, corrupt, cowards at Rouge Bouillon Police Station.
This little twerp states that he "was made aware that Evans was wanted" ? Yet the day before when I had come through customs, I was told after an hour's wait that I was not wanted and free to go ? Someone is lying, but why would customs lie ? Do they not use the same database for body checks ?
Parker continues, that I swore and shouted at him stating "you fucking lied to me" !!! about what may I ask ? Well, Parker had forgotten that he had told me that he was letting me off for urinating, because I had a good attitude.
His assertion that "you fucking lied to me" was said, is pure invention. I calmly explained about the scenario at customs, and this little asshole twisted everything around in his statement. You will understand how and why later on, when we get to his second statement !

Saturday, November 28, 2009

"The Equal Opportunity Section"

Hello again people, sorry too have kept you but I have had to turn my attention elsewhere for a while.

I have just trashed the Jersey Police, Judges & Advocates. I think it only fitting that they be allowed to respond in kind. Judges and Advocates have no comments for this section (unless of course, they would like to email me or leave a comment below) so we will let the Police have a go at trashing me.

Shortly I will post the depositions of the cowards that beat me and made perjurious statements against me in this case. This will be a useful exercise in that you will be able to get a grasp of the lies and horseshit that these clowns compile in criminal cases. This insight will become invaluable when viewing the cases that are yet to come.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"The Police Surgeons Report" its the biggy folks

Well, well, an honest man who works for the Jersey Police Force ? Well actually, YES !!!
It took me back a bit, as well. But fair play to the doctor. I was stunned when I initially read this as I feared he would cover this up like the other Police Surgeon does, but we will get to him later.
No, this was a wonderful surprise to have a respected member of the community on your side, and being honest.
He wrote this report after I had explained in detail what had happened to me, and when, and why.
I would draw your attention to point 11 on the report, these were the truncheon marks on my back that the Jersey Police failed to photograph !
Finally, the Attorney General states that I dropped the complaints of assault. Yes this is true, although he does not state why. The reason for this was because of the relentless pressure put on myself and my fiancee. The Police use to follow us home if we had been out anywhere, were always hassling us and generally making our lives as difficult as possible. Also, they tried to interfer with my employment in the night clubs.
The A.G. then goes on to say, "The Crown Advocate has reviewed the papers and there is nothing in them that suggests that this matter should be re-opened." OH, REALLY ?
Well Mr Birt, I can see 15 photographs and a Police Surgeons report, that say otherwise !!!

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 15

I am not sure if this one should be censored or not ?
But its a simple case of "KICKED or STICK'ED" you decide ?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 14

Oh my word !
No panicking people, its just a few small cuff marks. Boy did I get off easy that night ?
WHAT ? you don't believe me ? Well wait until you see the pictures of the beating on the 21st of June, 2006, with "accompanying audio recording of said beating," YES, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT !!!
But we are only up to 1993, so there is a long way to go before we get anywhere near to that wonderful event.

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 13

We always love a shot or two of this little gem.
Its my left wrist, Yippee !!! Err ?

"The beating That Never Happened" pic 12

Well well, this one is really novel !
Its a great little trick actually. What happens is they turn your hand over and stamp on the palm, why ?
Well, number one, it does not leave any footprints like it would on the back of your hand.
And two, it makes it look as though you have been trying to lash out with your fists and have hit something, or someone !
That's when you get charged with assaulting a Police Officer, or eight, or ten !!! or however many cowards it takes.

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 11

This one is a little bit sexy and revealing, will I get charged with lewdness now ?
You can't quite see whats going on here can you ? Well join the club, neither can I.
This photo was taken on the insistence of the Police, there is nothing wrong here. Perhaps a little ploy to discredit me and make me look like a whinging liar ?
This explanation would fit the States of Jersey Police mandate absolutely perfectly.

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 10

This little number shows the amount of times they try and hurt you with the handcuffs. Apparently, as I know only to well, a common Police practice in Jersey.

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 9

Going to be quiet now, for a short while.
I think just let the viewers do their job and ponder the imponderable words of the Attorney General, Mr M.C.Birt Q.C.

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 8

Well well, lets give the Judge a chance to bandage that wound, even though he could have instructed me to change my plea !!!

Based on the evidence that was available to him, he could not have had any doubts that all the Police Officers had lied. Rather than do the honourable thing and throw the case out, I received the princely gift of two weeks in prison, (already served) and a couple of weeks wages, in fines.

COME ON YOU GUYS ! not bad for being battered by nine or ten Policemen. Well not bad in Jersey anyways ! WTF kind of photo is this ? How the hell did that happen ? Don't know !

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 7

So, to date we have attained no sympathy or intention to get to the bottom of the facts from the Judge. So what do you do in that situation ? well, its quite simple really, nothing.

This Judge showed no ambition to do or say anything that might discredit the Police version of events, and thus I was left with the inevitable sinking feeling of another wrongful conviction through lies told by Policemen. You people, please trust me, this is the "Jersey Way."
Now, for more of those truncheon, err, finger marks ? But think on people, how many coppers do you know with "seven inch long" fingers ?!!!

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 6

This Judge never even quizzed the Police on my injuries,or indeed,how they came to be. He just whipped through the photo album, and did, and said, nothing. A prime example of what a poor man is entitled to in a Court of Law in Jersey, Sweet F A.

Mind you, part of this is my fault as I had forgotten what my father had said to me the day I left for Jersey. He told me to always remember that "you can have as much Law in Jersey as you are prepared to pay for", how right he was.
The Police surgeon had commented that these marks on my arm were finger restraint marks. They were actually truncheon marks as you can probably tell by the fact that they are straight in a line, but we all make mistakes. After all, how many coppers do you know with only one finger on their hand ???!!!

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 5

Judges are supposed to act independently and impartially in a case, that's it. I knew I had been told something of their alleged roll within the Justice System.

So where was their independence and impartiality after viewing these pictures one might ask ? But we don't really mind because we have become accustomed to ignorance, intolerance and down right bias. What was going through this Judges mind, other than fresh air, when he viewed these photographs and the Police Surgeons report ???
At the top of my neck you can see the point where one of the policemen dropped his knee, and full body weight, on the back of my neck from a standing position.

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 4

Well, I think we should leave the poor Advocates alone now, don't you ? Give the poor souls time to apply a band aid or two before I savage them again, which I most certainly will be doing.

So, you lovely people, where to next ? Ah yes, the Judges have escaped unscathed so far, but not any longer.

Judges, yes, Judges are those funny looking people who seem to perch slightly higher up than the rest of humanity. I am also lead to believe that they have some sort of roll to play within the proceedings of a Court House ? Not in my experience though I am sorry to say, or am I ? P.S. Do you like the boot mark near my armpit ?

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 3

Of course, we had the option of representing ourselves if we so chose, but that would be depriving our Advocate friends of some dosh. Also, if you represented yourself, you usually got fined more, so what was the point.

Nope, much easier to let your Advocate tell you that you have to plead guilty or they will not represent you. Sometimes you were actually lucky enough to save yourself some money if the case went through smoothly and quickly, no need to waste precious time and money calling corrupt policemen to testify. Saved the States a fortune, that little ruse, and you were usually fined less.

Every one's a winner, except the innocent victim, but who cares right !

"The beating That Never Happened" pic 2

Now seriously, I was telling the truth before. You can't expect anyone to help you out on this island, including your Advocate. In truth, you are more likely to receive some assistance from the Centenier who is presenting and prosecuting the case, than you are from any lawyer.

All these people within the realms of the "alleged" Judiciary want, is a successful prosecution. No one cares if your innocent, as long as your seen to be guilty. Its great for the moral of corrupt Judges, Lawyers and Policemen, and helps to show the Local Law Enforcement in a wonderful light.

That must be our main concern, Yes ?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

" Section C, The Beating That Never Happened" 9th April 1993 pic 1

Here we go with some "juicy bits", you have been waiting a while !

The Attorney General states that on the "5th May 1993, I pleaded guilty to urinating in public and violently resisting arrest". Well of course I did, what the hell else could I do ? It was 3 o'clock in the morning and the only witnesses were 9 or 10, lying, cheating, bullying, corrupt, coward ass police officers. So this plea did not really come as any great surprise to anyone, did it.

Christ, who was a/any judge going to believe, me or Jersey's finest ! In those days, all a defendant could do to help himself was plead guilty and state unequivocally how sorry he was to have caused such an awful scene. Regardless of whether you were actually guilty or not, you had to plead guilty and apologise profusely or your sentence would be doubled. There was (no choice) in those days !!!

I know that people who have not lived here and do not understand, will simply dismiss my last statement as utter rubbish. Of course they will, who could be asked to believe that a purportedly civilised society could be run on the scale of corruption that I am describing ?

Go, Go, Snap 1. Oh, you have seen this one ?

"Section B, The Car Crash" May 1990

Unfortunately, there is no evidence on this section as it was only a Parish Hall enquiry.There are a number of points that I would wish to comment on though, these are as follows :

1./ I saw P.C. Hewlett, after measuring the length of the skid marks with Centenier Jacklin, write the length of the skid marks down in his notebook. Why was this note book not E.S.D.A. tested ? If it had been altered, or a page ripped out on a different date, there is a good chance the same pen would not have been used, so the ink would be different ! Why no tests ?

2./ I was completely on my own side of the road when the Jersey Electric Company van hit me, so what exactly had I done wrong to warrant a Written Warning ?

3./ The J.E.C van was overtaking a parked car when it hit me. I noted the make and registration number of the parked car and gave this to the attending officers, why was the woman driver, who fled the incident in her car after hearing the crash, not at the Parish Hall enquiry ? She was part culpable for parking on a blind bend !

4./ The A.G. states that my claim was not honoured because I had failed to disclose a conviction to my insurance company ? This is not strictly true, I had disclosed all my convictions to the insurance company. My only error is that I had got the dates of the convictions mixed up. The insurance company were just looking for a way to avoid paying out for the damage. Even my insurance brokers sent me a letter voicing their disgust for the shabby treatment that I had received. Furthermore, why should my insurance company have had to pay out anyway ? the accident was in no part, my fault ! The real truth is that Centenier Jacklin and his corrupt cronies were just trying to save good old Jersey J.E.C. some money, and at the same time protecting one of its employee's. How else could my skid marks have grown from 9'3'' and a quarter, all the way up to 56' in the space of two weeks ? Yet Mr Birt Q.C. is obviously not sharp enough to spot the difference between said distances, or indeed, to cause this strange phenomenon to be investigated !!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"The Response 2" page 4

"The Response 2" page 3

"The Response 2" page 2

"The Response 2" page 1

Well, here we are again people, and it's the second instalment of the Attorney General's response.

It would perhaps, at this stage, be appropriate to note the date on this document, the 7th of February 2000. Bearing in mind my revamped complaints were dated the 17th of December 1996, it appears that Mr Birt Q.C. was in no hurry to publish his findings on these matters. However, he did state in a previous response that the files were " voluminous."

Three years and three months worth ? Whatever !

So what I will do next is let you read these four pages without any outside interference, that means I will be keeping my trap shut. I would also like you all to keep in mind my version of events when reading through this dribble, just for comparison purposes.

After that, I will take you through each section as corresponded in Mr Birt's letter. I will then have the opportunity to match the relevant evidence with the A.G's summary as we go through the document. This is probably the most humorous way of doing it and a real feast for the eyes, as you will see "Alice in Wonderland" !

As Jilted John use to say, " here we go, 2. 3. 4. "

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Response"

This is the letter that I received from the Attorney General, Mr M.C. ST. J. Birt Q.C , in response to the 11 page document with covering letter.

I was actually thrilled at this letter as I had feared that matters would not even warrant a look in. I really thought that Justice was winging it's way to my cell door as I had been advised that the Attorney General was an honourable man who would not shirk his responsibilities.

It was only a matter of hours later that I actually realised that it was the Attorney General himself who had denied me justice in the first place ! How stupid was I ?

But that is what wrongful conviction and prison does to you. You grasp at dreams with both hands trying to find any excuse to believe that there is a way out of your nightmare !!!

But for the poor, there are no dreams in Jersey Justice, it's just one never ending nightmare !

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Letter page 1 of 11

The Letter page 2 of 11

The Letter page 3 of 11

The Letter page 4 of 11

The Letter page 5 of 11

The Letter page 6 of 11

The Letter page 7 of 11

The Letter page 8 0f 11

The Letter page 9 of 11

The Letter page 10 of 11

The Letter page 11 of 11

The Letter, c.c. list

"The Letter" covering letter for the 11 page letter

We take our first apprehensive steps into the cesspit that is "Jersey Governance". What's that on the underside of your shoe Sir ?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where to next ?

Well, lets see now ? Where shall we start ? Ah yes, the beginning ! Seems like a good place.
Well no, I will actually start from my prison days in Jersey 1996 - 1998, and a letter that I wrote to the Authorities of the island whilst in prison for a crime that I did not commit. This letter will explain in detail the abuse that I had suffered since coming to the island in 1988, to the time of the letter in 1996.
This letter is 11 pages long and is preceded by a covering letter and finishes with a c.c. list to all parties that this letter was sent to. It is a long document but an essential one in describing the systematic abuse that the Establishment inflicts on the people that the Jersey Police take a disliking to, or are afraid of ? Here we go people.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Introduction To Ian's World in Jersey

Hello you wonderful people, how the devil are you all ?

I am 46 years old, a carpet fitter, and have resided in Jersey, Channel Islands, U.K. for 21 years, lovely island, evil, corrupt Government & Police.

In my 21 years in Jersey, I have suffered almost every form of abuse and intimidation that is possible to be inflicted on a person. These abuses range from the verbal to, beatings by Police, perjury by Police, doctored evidence, conspiracy, intimidation of witnesses, fabrication of evidence, cover ups, and wrongful and unlawful imprisonment. Indeed, they cover the whole spectrum.

Over the next few months I shall endeavour to illustrate fully, the sheer evil that has been perpetrated on myself and my life. Indeed, destroying my mind and well being to the brink of suicide !!! Above, you will find a small sample of the savagery of the Jersey Police !

Nonetheless, here I am, and fighting back with avengeance.
I have a group on FaceBook called ("NO MORE" In Jersey!). This is where I began my ascent from the depths of depression and despair. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for many years as a result of the "Jersey Way", this was finally diagnosed in 2006 by my doctor, the wonderful and kind hearted Dr Ray Kennedy.
After sending me on a 9 week course of Computer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and a subsequent 3 years on anti depressants, I have finally attained the status of (back to being myself). It has been a very long and hard struggle back to health, but with this man's kindness and assistance, I have just about made it.
I would like also, at this point, to express my gratitude to the other Blogger's and FaceBook Friends who have supported me and encouraged me onward and upward. These people are as follows ;
Neil McMurray, Rico Sorda, Carrie Modral, Jill Gracia, Maureen Pinnwill, Debbie Hardisty, Dannie Jarman and Rose Le Heuze Pestana. FABULOUS PEOPLE, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM XXX