Monday, November 30, 2009

"P C Parker Statement page 3"

So now I am raging with anger and hatred, allegedly, screaming and shouting yet more threats and abuse. Have anyone of you readers stopped and asked yourself, why it is that none of these threats are recorded in his statement ? It's because I didn't make any threats, that's why. These scumbags just make anything up that comes into their tiny little minds.

Then apparently, I am brought to the ground by the three officers and start "throwing my head up and down, and from side to side". Why would I do that, where would it get me and what effect would it have on the situation ? none is the answer.
No, Parker has put this in his statement to try and justify the wounds on my head and face. He cannot tell what they really did, which was too run my head and face along the ground, then ram me head first under the front of a parked car !!!
Finally Parker states that he saw (a graze) on the side of my head, "I assumed this was caused by his wild and violent response to his arrest". Ha ha ha, fuck all to do with my head being bounced along the road and rammed under a car then, eh Parker ?

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