Monday, November 30, 2009

"P C Parker Statement page 1" the arresting officer

Well, here we go with the first of many many statements from the lying, cheating, corrupt, cowards at Rouge Bouillon Police Station.
This little twerp states that he "was made aware that Evans was wanted" ? Yet the day before when I had come through customs, I was told after an hour's wait that I was not wanted and free to go ? Someone is lying, but why would customs lie ? Do they not use the same database for body checks ?
Parker continues, that I swore and shouted at him stating "you fucking lied to me" !!! about what may I ask ? Well, Parker had forgotten that he had told me that he was letting me off for urinating, because I had a good attitude.
His assertion that "you fucking lied to me" was said, is pure invention. I calmly explained about the scenario at customs, and this little asshole twisted everything around in his statement. You will understand how and why later on, when we get to his second statement !

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