Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"The Beating That Never Happened" pic 6

This Judge never even quizzed the Police on my injuries,or indeed,how they came to be. He just whipped through the photo album, and did, and said, nothing. A prime example of what a poor man is entitled to in a Court of Law in Jersey, Sweet F A.

Mind you, part of this is my fault as I had forgotten what my father had said to me the day I left for Jersey. He told me to always remember that "you can have as much Law in Jersey as you are prepared to pay for", how right he was.
The Police surgeon had commented that these marks on my arm were finger restraint marks. They were actually truncheon marks as you can probably tell by the fact that they are straight in a line, but we all make mistakes. After all, how many coppers do you know with only one finger on their hand ???!!!

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