Sunday, April 25, 2010

"The Buchannon Affair" tape 3

This tape confirms the Police conspiracy against myself but also highlights another (identical) case wherein the Jersey Police employ the same methods to gain an unlawful conviction through lies that were told by the police.
This other case was dealt with on appeal by P. Bailhache in the Royal Court. The plaintiff (after paying for his own lawyer) was acquitted, and the Policemen involved, received NO PUNISHMENT for their conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and their fabrication of evidence. Just another Jersey Tale? Tape 3 is also integrated into the player in the top right hand corner of this blogs home page, just click fast forward twice.

Friday, April 16, 2010

"My Thoughts On Tape 2"

My Advocate, Christopher Lakeman, is now in possession of the first tape recording, and matters are beginning to look a little suspect. I will elaborate more as we go through the transcript of this tape, as the actions of my lawyer begin to make me feel uneasy.

Advocate Lakeman told me (immediately after listening to tape one) that there was a very good chance that I would still be found guilty? What did he know that I did not? This tape was gold dust, one could not have wished for better evidence yet my own Advocate is implying that it is virtually useless! What bizarre behaviour for your own Advocate to display, but I suspected there would be a huge cover-up to protect the bent coppers that had lied under oath.


1/ I said to Stuart "did he (advocate Lakeman) give you a transcript of the tape?"
Stuart said "no, he never gave me the transcript." I then asked "why not?"

The answer was obvious though, Advocate Lakeman had no intention of making a transcript, and never did make one. I believe that (even at this early stage) the case was already destined to be swept under the carpet. I will wager that the second I left his office, he was onto his buddies at the law officers department.


1/ I said, "my brief never told them (the police) anything that was on the tape."
I should have cottoned on at this juncture that something was badly awry, but I didn't.

2/ Stuart then says "and your lawyer says the tape can't be played in court, it's something to do with Jersey Law."
Something to do with Jersey Law? If the tape cannot be played in court, how do we know that the tape even exists? I never cottoned on to this little stunt either! not admitting the tape as evidence.


1/ Stuart says "your lawyer says to me, has there been any threats? and I says no, there's never been threats."
This statement had me worried as I had already heard rumours that people were saying Stuart had been threatened into making the tapes! The only way now, that the police could cover up this little inconvenience.


1/ Stuart then says "well at the end of the day, I would say somebody is trying to stir the shit then Ian."
Damn straight Stuart, and we can guess who!

2/ Stuart says "If there is any threats, I'll be honest, I'll go straight to the police about it Ian. Cos I've, I've going to court cos I've been tricked, and at the end of the day, I am going to court too tell the truth."
I would say that this statement is proof enough that Mr Buchannon was not threatened, and that the conspiracy by the police is genuine.


1/ By now, I had twigged what was going on and asked Stuart the following question.
"How many times have the coppers asked you?"
Stuarts reply was "If Ive been threatened"
How did Stuart know what I meant by the last question?

2/ Stuart says that a Sergeant asked him "have there been any threats?"
Stuart then replies "to be quite honest, NO."


1/ Stuart then repeats (after being asked again) "there's been no threats to me, my family or friends, any shit like that."
Then the Sergeant asks him yet again! "are you sure."
Stuart replies "I'm a hundred percent sure."
The deaf/corrupt Sergeant, then tells Stuart "well, an Inspector will get in touch with you about that?"
I hope you readers understand now, the depths that the Jersey Police will sink to to prosecute me, or to save themselves.

2/ Our corrupt Sergeant then persists "an Inspector would be in touch within the next day or two."
Clearly, the Jersey Police have already got their plan of action worked out. That plan is to get Stuart Buchannon to say that I threatened him into making the tapes and that he complied under extreme duress. They would then be in a position to get themselves out of the crap they were in, and prefer more charges against myself!!! Yes, I would have been charged with many more offences, perverting the course of justice, to name but one.
They were even prepared to make an Inspector complicit in this web of corruption and conspiracy, how else would our corrupt Sergeant know that an Inspector wanted to talk to Stuart?

The one, single, tiny detail that buggered up their entire corrupt little charade, was this!

3/ Stuart goes on to say "Andy Smith told me this, one night erm, what/whats been said on tape is what I've been told, and your lawyer says he will prompt me on a few things."
He might well have prompted you Stuart, but he knew you would never get to court!


1/ I ask Stuart if my lawyer took a statement off him, Stuart replies,
"NO, he says he didn't actually have to see me."
Can any sane person be asked to believe that a lawyer would not want to see a witness who corroborates the assertions of his client, especially against the word of five police officers ?????
Of course Lakeman is up to his eyeballs in this conspiracy, how the hell could he not be?

I think the evidence really does speak for itself, especially in this case, total corruption!!!

"The Buchannon Affair" tape 2

Our next tape (tape 2) and set of transcripts 2, deals with the even more disgusting manner in which the Jersey Police try to encumber their victims. In tape 2, I will demonstrate how the Establishment try to cover up their lawless behaviour by trying to "fit the victim up" with even more charges! Not possible you think! over the top you think! well, just listen and read and be astounded....IT HAPPENS.

Tape two is integrated into the tape one player, top right hand corner of the home page. Too play tape one, click play. Too play tape two, click the fast forward button and it will play automatically.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"The Buchannon Affair" transcript of tape 2

"My Thoughts On Tape 1"

Let us look now at some of the aspects of tape 1.


1/ Mr Buchannon states that Pc Smith says that "some woman copper had wound you up" and "she was out of order winding you up" this is as I told the story from day one.

2/ How is it that Mr Buchannon knew the Christian name of the Wpc? I only prompted him on the surname, so it is clear that Mr Buchannon must have had the conversation with Pc Smith!

3/ "Basically, you were minding your own business at the time/or you were ready to fuck off on your own without causing any grief." This is exactly how it was.

4/ "you know what they're like though, they all fuckin close ranks straight away." This is so true, and is eventually, exactly what happened.


1/ He says "I think I get on alright with Ian" he says "I felt a right cunt being there." A true statement of guilt, if ever I heard one.

2/ "I knew him before he joined the Pozzies." This is an important part of the recording, because officer Smith stated in court "that he was not friends with Mr Buchannon."?

3/ "he would never give anything up, nor give anything away." Mr Buchannon, you know him, and the police, so well!

4/ He says "they was out of order, what was done, yeah" he says "it was fuckin naughty/definitely/without a doubt." Mr Buchannon then goes on to say "getting him to say that in a courtroom is another fuckin ball game." It sure is Stuart, as matters proved!

5/ I then said "I'm not pleading guilty to something I haven't done." NO, too much of that in the past as readers are fully aware.


1/ "they had to fucking nick you for something, didn't they." Yes, that was the only way that they could cover themselves, how very sad it was too.

2/ Andy says "they had to nick you that night, for something." He just says "Oh, I knew everybody had to nick him."

3/ Stuart then says "being a copper he'll lie in court." This guy really does know the Jersey Police inside out, wow.


1/ "Your joking, and he got nicked for that?" and "Oh, that's a fuckin joke" and "can't believe, that's fuckin bang out of order." As you rightly remark Mr Buchannon, it certainly was bang out of order!!!

All things said and done, I think this tape speaks volumes about the Jersey Police and the disgusting manner in which they stitch people up like the proverbial kipper. Rest assured people, this is no one-off case. This happens day in, day out in Jersey, it is known locally as "The Jersey Way"....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"The Buchannon Affair" tape1

So, here we have the first of three tape recordings in this case. All that I have said in the eleven page document is true, these tapes go some way to giving my assertions credibility.
I hope that my readers will now begin to understand the utter lies and corruption that The States of Jersey Police employ. It only gets worse from here on in, so be prepared for a few shocks. This is just the start.


Monday, April 12, 2010

"The Buchannon Affair" transcript of tape 1

"The Buchannon Affair" summary of transcript 1

There has been an assertion from our wonderful Policemen at Rouge Bouillon Police Headquarters.
This assertion centres around their speculation that I had threatened and bullied Stuart Buchannon into these tape recordings, and forced him to comply with my wishes to frame the police officers concerned.
So, let us look at (and dissect) the evidence that is on offer.

1/ How could I possibly know that Stuart Buchannon's best friend (Pc Andy Smith) was an officer involved in this case, indeed, how could I even know that they were friends?

2/ The only reason that I knew Mr Buchannon was pals with Pc Andy Smith is the fact that both parties must have talked about the case, otherwise, Mr Buchannon would have never approached me in the first instance?

That is enough for now, we shall revisit later.

I must add however, that I transcribed these tapes whilst in prison, and with very poor equipment. This transcription is (under the circumstances) a very accurate representation of what was said on the tape.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"PC Andrew Smith Statement" page 4

Phew! that is all the police lies (err, statements) now taken care of.

How about some real, impartial, honest to goodness truth now? That would be a most welcome change wouldn't it?

So, let us see what we can conjure up shall we?....

"PC Andrew Smith Statement" page 3

I was then bundled into the police van,

"along with McAvoy who was calm and was in no way aggressive."

What a truly strange thing to say about Paul, if he was so calm and well behaved, why was he arrested?

Because he was also a witness, that's why! They had to arrest and charge him so too deter him from backing me up that I had been punched and sworn at, by an out of order Wpc Le Neveu. It's another filthy little police shit trick that usually works. I will demonstrate this little ruse in a future case, it keeps potential defence witnesses from testifying in court.

"PC Andrew Smith Statement" page 2

"Evans then walked directly towards the male pushing Wpc Le Neveu with his body. Wpc Le Neveu told Evans to leave the area but Evans ignored her and just walked into Wpc Le Neveu again. Evans was verbally abusive to Wpc Le Neveu and shouted that she had assaulted him."
Please note the way Pc Smith and Co keep referring to the alleged (body pushes). Any psychiatrist worth a nickel would tell you that the constant references to this point are all indicative of rehearsed conspiracy. Far to accurately described by all policemen concerned, and indeed, the only point accurately described.
I am not wasting any more time on this page, as the lies of Pc Andy Smith will be made as clear as crystal very shortly.

"PC Andrew Smith Statement" page 1

"On our arrival one male was seen walking very quickly up to Wpc's Le Neveu and Wood being pursued by Ian Evans."

That is now, all the other officers who totally refute the evidence given by Wpc Wood, that she radioed for assistance. If she had radioed, the other officers would have stated that they were responding to a call for assistance!

The woman is an out and out LIAR.

"SGT Charles MacDowall Statement" page 5

Ha Ha Ha....
"Evans remained abusive and aggressive throughout the detention process."

Now where have we heard that before, OH YES, in every statement ever compiled by the utterly maleficent States of Jersey Police.

I would like to point out at this stage, the little scribbles and arrows in these statements where not made by me. They were made by an Advocate called Ashley Hoy, who I was going to privately pay to represent me. This was because of the absolutely appalling service that I had received from previous Advocates under the Legal Aid System in Jersey.

Mr Hoy listened to the tape recordings of Mr Buchannon and myself, then set about making points of reference on the statements. He described these statements to me as "utter nonsense, not fit to be put to a Court of Law."

He then, shortly afterwards, refused to represent me saying that I should go with Legal Aid as I could not lose my case. I didn't lose. So, my next question was, if I could not lose, why is this Advocate unwilling to represent me?
It crossed my mind that perhaps Mr Hoy may have telephoned the Legal Aid office to inform them they had a man who was going to win his case, coming to them. This is not a statement of fact, it is just my thoughts on the matter, nothing more.
My eventual Advocate however, was the corrupt Christopher Lakeman, an Establishment Man of Loyal Pedigree. Matters will become clearer as we progress through this case.
Ha Ha the laughing policeman.

"SGT Charles MacDowall Statement" page 4

Ha Ha Ha....

"Evans remained extremely aggressive and abusive referring to me as a little prick."

Well Sgt MacDowall, you got that spot on, "A Little Prick." The first and only time in the entirety of your statement, you have spoken the truth, well done.
The rest of this page is taken up with MacDowall's lies about me threatening to get his wife and kids. The same wife and kids that I didn't even know existed???
Please see 11 page document for the details of this little charade.
Ha Ha Ha....

"SGT Charles MacDowall Statement" page 3

Ha Ha Ha....

More of the the same wall etchings on this page, "physical strength and violent behaviour" and "eventually after a violent struggle".

How come the only person to ever get injured in these violent struggles, is me???

"McEvoy started to interfere with the arrest of the first man."

Again, how did he interfere? what was said? what was done?

MacDowall then goes on to say...."McEvoy was in a drunken condition."

Paul (is the same size and build as myself) and did not like to drink more than three or four pints in one night, and on this occasion, did not. His favorite tipple was (fresh) Britvic Orange with lots of ice.

Anyone who knows Paul McEvoy will tell you that he never gets drunk!!!!!

Ha Ha Ha....

"SGT Charles MacDowall Statement" page 2

Ha Ha Ha....

"I could hear, and see Wpc Le Neveu tell this person to refrain from making use of foul and disgusting language."

If that is the case, why the hell does Le Neveu not mention this factor anywhere in her statement???
Now we have more of those "police station wall etchings" and I quote "I noticed by his demeanor that he was in a drunken condition" and "his breath smelt of intoxicants" and "his eyes were glazed" and "his speech was slurred". When will these imbeciles stop using this nonsensical garbage, it just beggars belief. This crap, is in every statement ever recorded by The States Jersey Police where even the slightest amount of drink is apparent.
"I then told this person to be quiet and to leave the area, or he would be arrested, to which he shouted in reply "fuck off".
Well now, why does no one else say this in their statements???
Ha Ha Ha....

"SGT Charles MacDowall Statement" page 1

Ha Ha Ha.... it's the turn of the (laughing policeman) as I call him.

This is the guy that I described as "twisted and sick" in the eleven page document. You will soon see why!
"was on mobile patrol, when on driving into Minden Place, my attention was drawn to an incident."
Nothing to do with the support that Wpc Keeley Wood had radioed for then??? That is now, 3 out of the 4 officers in this case that do not mention any call for assistance? ODD!
"I saw Wpc Le Neveu being confronted by a man who was physically walking into the officer by barging into the officer and thrusting his upper body into her's."
Ha Ha Ha, "and thrusting his upper body into her's" the exact same horse crap that Le Neveu wrote, word for bloody word. Do you think this clown had perhaps, conspired with Wpc Le Neveu? His statement was written after that of Le Neveu! No surprises there then.
"I approached this person, and as I did so I could hear this man shouting, most of what I could hear consisted of foul and disgusting language, and much of the abusive language appeared to be directed at the female officer, although there were a number of members of the public close by."
Well, what was said? tell us something, anything, anything at all!!! NOPE, NOT A DICKIE...
As for the members of the public close by, why were no statements taken from them?
Ha Ha Ha....

"PC Paul Whale Statement" page 4

Again, the mandatory "cracker barrel" nonsense on this page.

Evans was swearing, Evans was abusive, Evans was struggling, Evans was threatening all officer's,
Evans was the devil incarnate.

"I took no further part in this investigation."

OH YES YOU DID WHALE, when you perjured yourself in a court of law and attempted to get me throw in jail for crimes that I had not committed!!!
"What goes around, comes around." Or had no one told you this?

Monday, April 5, 2010

"PC Paul Whale Statement" page 3

More of the usual clap trap on this page, but Pc Whale does confirm my assertion that Wpc Keeley Wood was lying when she stated that I "was put to the floor and both wrists were handcuffed."

She has (presumably) stated that this happened to cover the assault with the handcuffs, although no other policeman backs her up, how bizarre!
Evans "told me to get the fuck off", well yes I did, I was in agony and did not know that I was going to be handcuffed so it came as a bit of a shock.
"I wanted him to lie on the ground in order that I could apply the other handcuff to his right wrist safely and to avoid the possibility of causing injury to Evans in applying the cuff."
Hahaha, what a crock of shit, I was shouting in agony as he had nearly broke my wrist with the first cuff???
"McEvoy was also in the area and refused to leave when told to do so by Sgt McDowall. He got in the way and interfered."
He got in the way and interfered??? How? By doing what? By saying what?
Again, we get no answers or explanations from the Police. WHY NOT? Well, in Jersey the police are not required to give explanations because they do not have too answer to anyone, Including lawyers or judges. All they are required to do is stand in the dock and lie through their teeth, nothing more!!!

"PC Paul Whale Statement" page 2

Nothing to report on this page.

It is just the mandatory garbage you have read in so so many other statements on this blog.

You know, the stuff that is carved into the police station walls!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"PC Paul Whale Statement" page 1

"At approx 02.20 hrs on Sunday the 16th April 1995, I was instructed by the force control room to collect wpc Le Neveu from James Street, St Helier, and convey her to Rouge Bouillon Police Station."

OK, nothing strange there it appears.

"As I drove up Cattle Street I saw Wpc Le Neveu on the corner of James Street and Minden Place, outside Maples furniture store. As I stopped my vehicle at the junction of Cattle Street and Minden Place Wpc Le Neveu indicated that I should wait."

OK, nothing strange there either, until you remember what Wpc Keeley Wood said in her statement?
"I subsequently requested for assistance by using my radio and within a few minutes Sgt McDowall, Pc Whale and Pc Smith attended in the area."
So why does Pc Whale make no mention of the fact that a request for assistance was sent? All he states is that he was on a designated, pre-arranged pick up. No mention of a call for urgent assistance !!!

"WPC Keeley Wood Statement" page 2

"Evans was put to the ground by the officers at the scene face down. His hands were placed behind his back whereby he was handcuffed."

What is this woman on? The officer who slammed on the first handcuff states that I was stood up, so do I, and so do other officers so how can I have been on the ground???

"Unfortunately during the time of the incident, the alleged victim had left the area."

Alleged victim? could she be talking about the same guy (and his pal) that had threatened myself and Paul with harm, a few minutes earlier? Hmmm.

"At 02.30 hrs I was on foot patrol in the area of West Centre."
Ha ha ha, at 02.30 am, everyone else who she has mentioned was at the end of James Street, some 400 yards down the road, arresting myself and Paul???

"Upon speaking to Mr O'Neil, (the alleged victim) it was established that he had been threatened by Evans over a minor matter."
HOW was it established? DID HE TELL HER SO? Did it not cross this officers narrow little mind, that he may just have been lying!!! Perhaps (like many officers in the Jersey Force) she is psychic!!! What was THE MINOR MATTER that she has mentioned???
"At the time of the incident in James Street, there were a number of people in the area."
OH, THAT'S GOOD. Some independent witnesses? but alas, NO. Another snide trick of the Jersey Police is not to take independent witness statements when an officer has done wrong. THIS IS FOR THE OBVIOUS REASONS, they might just tell the truth!!!
Nope....this is, I'm afraid, another prime example of a corrupted Jersey Police Officer displaying her utter contempt for truth, honesty, and justice.

"WPC Keeley Wood Statement" page one

"The male appeared upset and disturbed whereby he pointed towards a male who was behind him and stated that the male was bullying him."

Well, that's news to me (and officer Le Neveu) because she sure does not say anything of the sort? Le Neveu does not say that this (poor alleged) victim says anything to anyone!

"I subsequently requested for assistance by using my radio and within a few minutes Sgt McDowall, Pc Whale and Pc Smith attended in the area."

We will save the above phrase for a little later on, remember it.

"Evans continued to be abusive and started waving his arms about."
What a complete load of cobblers, this is just getting silly now!

Friday, April 2, 2010

"WPC Le Neveu Statement" page 4

"Evans continued with his abusive behaviour so Sgt McDowall placed him under arrest."
Sneaked up behind me and slammed a handcuff on as hard as he could, you mean?

"The accused became very aggressive and had to be forcibly restrained by several officers."
Not even worthy of comment.

"At the same time another male had arrived at the scene and was attempting to interfere."
This male was Paul, who was there from the start, and had not just arrived? The only thing Paul said through the whole incident was there is no need to speak to him like that. For his trouble he was also arrested and charged, after being told to fuck off by Le Neveu.
"I had no further dealings with the accused." OH YES SHE DID, when she lied under oath in a court of law!!!

"WPC Tracy Le Neveu Statement" page 3

"In an attempt to defuse the situation I placed my hands down by my sides."
Ha ha ha, the only person inflaming the situation was herself, by assaulting me, swearing at me then finding herself in the position of being the one being accused!

"however the accused still continued to try and push past me, pushing against me with his body."
Another total and utter pack of lies. What really happened is she walked into me and said, "right that is assaulting a police officer" !!! Then I was pounced on from all angles by the officers.

"As Evans is considerably bigger than me and from the smell of his breath had obviously been consuming alcohol." SO WHAT ??? Why do the police always make out that it is some sort of crime to have a few pints?

"and was in a very aggressive mood, I felt extremely threatened and frightened."
So frightened that she punched me and told me to fuck off, and then told Paul to fuck off, then brazenly walked into me and accused me of assaulting her, an assault that I was eventually charged with.

"WPC Tracy Le Neveu Statement" page 2

"It was quite apparent to me that the first male was concerned for his safety."

How is this apparent, may I ask?

"At this point Evans tried to push past me, he appeared to be in a very agitated state. I attempted to calm Evans down however he was extremely irate."

Err, no he wasn't, he was quite calm and was asking the male why he was hiding behind two females! But, there we are. I am sure that by now the readers have formed their own opinion of how the Jersey police exaggerate and lie at will.
"As he tried to push past me towards the first male I attempted to prevent him and put my hands up to his chest. Evans then said if you touch me again, I'm doing you for assault."
Tried to push past her? What does she mean? If I had wanted too, I could have done so quite easily. And put my hands up to his chest? That is a little different to what really happened. The truth is that she punched me in the chest and told me to fuck off! No mention of that though!
"I told him to calm down and asked what the problem was."

"WPC Tracy Le Neveu Statement" page 1

So, here we go with the first police statement in this case.

Wpc Le Neveu was the instigator in this case, her lies, bullying and outrageous behaviour set about the chain of events that led to four police officers perjuring themselves. This being, in total contradiction to everything that the police are supposed to stand for.

"The first male looked very concerned and distressed as he reached us."

Oh, there we go, some more of that sensationalism we talked about earlier. Distressed? How? In what way? Was his voice trembling? Was he trembling? Did he pee his pants? WHAT!!!

"The Buchannon Affair" The story