Sunday, April 4, 2010

"PC Paul Whale Statement" page 1

"At approx 02.20 hrs on Sunday the 16th April 1995, I was instructed by the force control room to collect wpc Le Neveu from James Street, St Helier, and convey her to Rouge Bouillon Police Station."

OK, nothing strange there it appears.

"As I drove up Cattle Street I saw Wpc Le Neveu on the corner of James Street and Minden Place, outside Maples furniture store. As I stopped my vehicle at the junction of Cattle Street and Minden Place Wpc Le Neveu indicated that I should wait."

OK, nothing strange there either, until you remember what Wpc Keeley Wood said in her statement?
"I subsequently requested for assistance by using my radio and within a few minutes Sgt McDowall, Pc Whale and Pc Smith attended in the area."
So why does Pc Whale make no mention of the fact that a request for assistance was sent? All he states is that he was on a designated, pre-arranged pick up. No mention of a call for urgent assistance !!!

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