Monday, April 12, 2010

"The Buchannon Affair" summary of transcript 1

There has been an assertion from our wonderful Policemen at Rouge Bouillon Police Headquarters.
This assertion centres around their speculation that I had threatened and bullied Stuart Buchannon into these tape recordings, and forced him to comply with my wishes to frame the police officers concerned.
So, let us look at (and dissect) the evidence that is on offer.

1/ How could I possibly know that Stuart Buchannon's best friend (Pc Andy Smith) was an officer involved in this case, indeed, how could I even know that they were friends?

2/ The only reason that I knew Mr Buchannon was pals with Pc Andy Smith is the fact that both parties must have talked about the case, otherwise, Mr Buchannon would have never approached me in the first instance?

That is enough for now, we shall revisit later.

I must add however, that I transcribed these tapes whilst in prison, and with very poor equipment. This transcription is (under the circumstances) a very accurate representation of what was said on the tape.

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