Monday, April 5, 2010

"PC Paul Whale Statement" page 3

More of the usual clap trap on this page, but Pc Whale does confirm my assertion that Wpc Keeley Wood was lying when she stated that I "was put to the floor and both wrists were handcuffed."

She has (presumably) stated that this happened to cover the assault with the handcuffs, although no other policeman backs her up, how bizarre!
Evans "told me to get the fuck off", well yes I did, I was in agony and did not know that I was going to be handcuffed so it came as a bit of a shock.
"I wanted him to lie on the ground in order that I could apply the other handcuff to his right wrist safely and to avoid the possibility of causing injury to Evans in applying the cuff."
Hahaha, what a crock of shit, I was shouting in agony as he had nearly broke my wrist with the first cuff???
"McEvoy was also in the area and refused to leave when told to do so by Sgt McDowall. He got in the way and interfered."
He got in the way and interfered??? How? By doing what? By saying what?
Again, we get no answers or explanations from the Police. WHY NOT? Well, in Jersey the police are not required to give explanations because they do not have too answer to anyone, Including lawyers or judges. All they are required to do is stand in the dock and lie through their teeth, nothing more!!!

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