Friday, April 2, 2010

"WPC Tracy Le Neveu Statement" page 2

"It was quite apparent to me that the first male was concerned for his safety."

How is this apparent, may I ask?

"At this point Evans tried to push past me, he appeared to be in a very agitated state. I attempted to calm Evans down however he was extremely irate."

Err, no he wasn't, he was quite calm and was asking the male why he was hiding behind two females! But, there we are. I am sure that by now the readers have formed their own opinion of how the Jersey police exaggerate and lie at will.
"As he tried to push past me towards the first male I attempted to prevent him and put my hands up to his chest. Evans then said if you touch me again, I'm doing you for assault."
Tried to push past her? What does she mean? If I had wanted too, I could have done so quite easily. And put my hands up to his chest? That is a little different to what really happened. The truth is that she punched me in the chest and told me to fuck off! No mention of that though!
"I told him to calm down and asked what the problem was."

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