Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"SGT Charles MacDowall Statement" page 2

Ha Ha Ha....

"I could hear, and see Wpc Le Neveu tell this person to refrain from making use of foul and disgusting language."

If that is the case, why the hell does Le Neveu not mention this factor anywhere in her statement???
Now we have more of those "police station wall etchings" and I quote "I noticed by his demeanor that he was in a drunken condition" and "his breath smelt of intoxicants" and "his eyes were glazed" and "his speech was slurred". When will these imbeciles stop using this nonsensical garbage, it just beggars belief. This crap, is in every statement ever recorded by The States Jersey Police where even the slightest amount of drink is apparent.
"I then told this person to be quiet and to leave the area, or he would be arrested, to which he shouted in reply "fuck off".
Well now, why does no one else say this in their statements???
Ha Ha Ha....

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