Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"SGT Charles MacDowall Statement" page 1

Ha Ha Ha.... it's the turn of the (laughing policeman) as I call him.

This is the guy that I described as "twisted and sick" in the eleven page document. You will soon see why!
"was on mobile patrol, when on driving into Minden Place, my attention was drawn to an incident."
Nothing to do with the support that Wpc Keeley Wood had radioed for then??? That is now, 3 out of the 4 officers in this case that do not mention any call for assistance? ODD!
"I saw Wpc Le Neveu being confronted by a man who was physically walking into the officer by barging into the officer and thrusting his upper body into her's."
Ha Ha Ha, "and thrusting his upper body into her's" the exact same horse crap that Le Neveu wrote, word for bloody word. Do you think this clown had perhaps, conspired with Wpc Le Neveu? His statement was written after that of Le Neveu! No surprises there then.
"I approached this person, and as I did so I could hear this man shouting, most of what I could hear consisted of foul and disgusting language, and much of the abusive language appeared to be directed at the female officer, although there were a number of members of the public close by."
Well, what was said? tell us something, anything, anything at all!!! NOPE, NOT A DICKIE...
As for the members of the public close by, why were no statements taken from them?
Ha Ha Ha....

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