Thursday, April 15, 2010

"My Thoughts On Tape 1"

Let us look now at some of the aspects of tape 1.


1/ Mr Buchannon states that Pc Smith says that "some woman copper had wound you up" and "she was out of order winding you up" this is as I told the story from day one.

2/ How is it that Mr Buchannon knew the Christian name of the Wpc? I only prompted him on the surname, so it is clear that Mr Buchannon must have had the conversation with Pc Smith!

3/ "Basically, you were minding your own business at the time/or you were ready to fuck off on your own without causing any grief." This is exactly how it was.

4/ "you know what they're like though, they all fuckin close ranks straight away." This is so true, and is eventually, exactly what happened.


1/ He says "I think I get on alright with Ian" he says "I felt a right cunt being there." A true statement of guilt, if ever I heard one.

2/ "I knew him before he joined the Pozzies." This is an important part of the recording, because officer Smith stated in court "that he was not friends with Mr Buchannon."?

3/ "he would never give anything up, nor give anything away." Mr Buchannon, you know him, and the police, so well!

4/ He says "they was out of order, what was done, yeah" he says "it was fuckin naughty/definitely/without a doubt." Mr Buchannon then goes on to say "getting him to say that in a courtroom is another fuckin ball game." It sure is Stuart, as matters proved!

5/ I then said "I'm not pleading guilty to something I haven't done." NO, too much of that in the past as readers are fully aware.


1/ "they had to fucking nick you for something, didn't they." Yes, that was the only way that they could cover themselves, how very sad it was too.

2/ Andy says "they had to nick you that night, for something." He just says "Oh, I knew everybody had to nick him."

3/ Stuart then says "being a copper he'll lie in court." This guy really does know the Jersey Police inside out, wow.


1/ "Your joking, and he got nicked for that?" and "Oh, that's a fuckin joke" and "can't believe, that's fuckin bang out of order." As you rightly remark Mr Buchannon, it certainly was bang out of order!!!

All things said and done, I think this tape speaks volumes about the Jersey Police and the disgusting manner in which they stitch people up like the proverbial kipper. Rest assured people, this is no one-off case. This happens day in, day out in Jersey, it is known locally as "The Jersey Way"....

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