Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"SGT Charles MacDowall Statement" page 3

Ha Ha Ha....

More of the the same wall etchings on this page, "physical strength and violent behaviour" and "eventually after a violent struggle".

How come the only person to ever get injured in these violent struggles, is me???

"McEvoy started to interfere with the arrest of the first man."

Again, how did he interfere? what was said? what was done?

MacDowall then goes on to say...."McEvoy was in a drunken condition."

Paul (is the same size and build as myself) and did not like to drink more than three or four pints in one night, and on this occasion, did not. His favorite tipple was (fresh) Britvic Orange with lots of ice.

Anyone who knows Paul McEvoy will tell you that he never gets drunk!!!!!

Ha Ha Ha....

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