Friday, April 2, 2010

"WPC Le Neveu Statement" page 4

"Evans continued with his abusive behaviour so Sgt McDowall placed him under arrest."
Sneaked up behind me and slammed a handcuff on as hard as he could, you mean?

"The accused became very aggressive and had to be forcibly restrained by several officers."
Not even worthy of comment.

"At the same time another male had arrived at the scene and was attempting to interfere."
This male was Paul, who was there from the start, and had not just arrived? The only thing Paul said through the whole incident was there is no need to speak to him like that. For his trouble he was also arrested and charged, after being told to fuck off by Le Neveu.
"I had no further dealings with the accused." OH YES SHE DID, when she lied under oath in a court of law!!!


  1. There was only ever going to be one winner Ian,
    these people will lie to their back teeth to stick up for each other and get a conviction.

  2. Well, the charges were actually dropped on this one if you read on to the end.

    Further more, I have a lawyer who is persuing these cases at this present moment :)

    And believe me, they are not going away!