Friday, April 2, 2010

"WPC Tracy Le Neveu Statement" page 3

"In an attempt to defuse the situation I placed my hands down by my sides."
Ha ha ha, the only person inflaming the situation was herself, by assaulting me, swearing at me then finding herself in the position of being the one being accused!

"however the accused still continued to try and push past me, pushing against me with his body."
Another total and utter pack of lies. What really happened is she walked into me and said, "right that is assaulting a police officer" !!! Then I was pounced on from all angles by the officers.

"As Evans is considerably bigger than me and from the smell of his breath had obviously been consuming alcohol." SO WHAT ??? Why do the police always make out that it is some sort of crime to have a few pints?

"and was in a very aggressive mood, I felt extremely threatened and frightened."
So frightened that she punched me and told me to fuck off, and then told Paul to fuck off, then brazenly walked into me and accused me of assaulting her, an assault that I was eventually charged with.

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