Sunday, April 4, 2010

"WPC Keeley Wood Statement" page 2

"Evans was put to the ground by the officers at the scene face down. His hands were placed behind his back whereby he was handcuffed."

What is this woman on? The officer who slammed on the first handcuff states that I was stood up, so do I, and so do other officers so how can I have been on the ground???

"Unfortunately during the time of the incident, the alleged victim had left the area."

Alleged victim? could she be talking about the same guy (and his pal) that had threatened myself and Paul with harm, a few minutes earlier? Hmmm.

"At 02.30 hrs I was on foot patrol in the area of West Centre."
Ha ha ha, at 02.30 am, everyone else who she has mentioned was at the end of James Street, some 400 yards down the road, arresting myself and Paul???

"Upon speaking to Mr O'Neil, (the alleged victim) it was established that he had been threatened by Evans over a minor matter."
HOW was it established? DID HE TELL HER SO? Did it not cross this officers narrow little mind, that he may just have been lying!!! Perhaps (like many officers in the Jersey Force) she is psychic!!! What was THE MINOR MATTER that she has mentioned???
"At the time of the incident in James Street, there were a number of people in the area."
OH, THAT'S GOOD. Some independent witnesses? but alas, NO. Another snide trick of the Jersey Police is not to take independent witness statements when an officer has done wrong. THIS IS FOR THE OBVIOUS REASONS, they might just tell the truth!!!
Nope....this is, I'm afraid, another prime example of a corrupted Jersey Police Officer displaying her utter contempt for truth, honesty, and justice.

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