Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"SGT Charles MacDowall Statement" page 5

Ha Ha Ha....
"Evans remained abusive and aggressive throughout the detention process."

Now where have we heard that before, OH YES, in every statement ever compiled by the utterly maleficent States of Jersey Police.

I would like to point out at this stage, the little scribbles and arrows in these statements where not made by me. They were made by an Advocate called Ashley Hoy, who I was going to privately pay to represent me. This was because of the absolutely appalling service that I had received from previous Advocates under the Legal Aid System in Jersey.

Mr Hoy listened to the tape recordings of Mr Buchannon and myself, then set about making points of reference on the statements. He described these statements to me as "utter nonsense, not fit to be put to a Court of Law."

He then, shortly afterwards, refused to represent me saying that I should go with Legal Aid as I could not lose my case. I didn't lose. So, my next question was, if I could not lose, why is this Advocate unwilling to represent me?
It crossed my mind that perhaps Mr Hoy may have telephoned the Legal Aid office to inform them they had a man who was going to win his case, coming to them. This is not a statement of fact, it is just my thoughts on the matter, nothing more.
My eventual Advocate however, was the corrupt Christopher Lakeman, an Establishment Man of Loyal Pedigree. Matters will become clearer as we progress through this case.
Ha Ha Ha....to the laughing policeman.

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