Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"PC Andrew Smith Statement" page 4

Phew! that is all the police lies (err, statements) now taken care of.

How about some real, impartial, honest to goodness truth now? That would be a most welcome change wouldn't it?

So, let us see what we can conjure up shall we?....


  1. So we conclude from all these Police statements that you are just a drunken nutter that should have been deported back to the UK by the Courts then? None of this is impressive Ian, it reads like you have a screw loose.

  2. Anonymous,

    If that is all you are capable of deducing from these statements, and the evidence, then you really should stop reading! Are you an aggrieved policeman? In which case, you may probably only understand lies and deception.

    I do not mind publishing your views as I believe everyone is entitled to have their say.

    Comments like yours, only serve to highlight the one sided thinking and tunnel vision of “The Jersey Way”. Thus bringing clearly into focus the deluded thought processes that blight the island’s ability to secure a just and democratic society, where all are equal.

  3. Ian "the Jersey Way" has zero to do with being arrested for being drunk and violent. It is funny because you are pretty well known and liked but you did have some dark days back in the early 90's and a few have said this. So you know, you may still feel aggrieved but don't make out that it did not take 2 to tango!

  4. "Dark Days" yes I did.

    Being thrown in jail for two years for something the police knew I had not done, was pretty dark.

    Even darker was the fact that the investigating officer (Dc David Harrison) had rewrote the last page of the main prosecution witness's statement.

    Darker still, was when I discovered that the Judicial Greffe of the Royal Court, had doctored my trial tapes before sending them to England for transcription.

    Darkest of all was when the Avon & Somerset Police came over to sweep out the back yard! They refused to do forensic examinations of the three pieces of evidence I knew to be tampered with!!! or did they??? Maybe that's why Michael Birt (our new Bay-leaf) refuses to hand over the Investigation Report under the sad guise of "NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST".

    And believe me....it gets a lot darker.