Friday, April 16, 2010

"My Thoughts On Tape 2"

My Advocate, Christopher Lakeman, is now in possession of the first tape recording, and matters are beginning to look a little suspect. I will elaborate more as we go through the transcript of this tape, as the actions of my lawyer begin to make me feel uneasy.

Advocate Lakeman told me (immediately after listening to tape one) that there was a very good chance that I would still be found guilty? What did he know that I did not? This tape was gold dust, one could not have wished for better evidence yet my own Advocate is implying that it is virtually useless! What bizarre behaviour for your own Advocate to display, but I suspected there would be a huge cover-up to protect the bent coppers that had lied under oath.


1/ I said to Stuart "did he (advocate Lakeman) give you a transcript of the tape?"
Stuart said "no, he never gave me the transcript." I then asked "why not?"

The answer was obvious though, Advocate Lakeman had no intention of making a transcript, and never did make one. I believe that (even at this early stage) the case was already destined to be swept under the carpet. I will wager that the second I left his office, he was onto his buddies at the law officers department.


1/ I said, "my brief never told them (the police) anything that was on the tape."
I should have cottoned on at this juncture that something was badly awry, but I didn't.

2/ Stuart then says "and your lawyer says the tape can't be played in court, it's something to do with Jersey Law."
Something to do with Jersey Law? If the tape cannot be played in court, how do we know that the tape even exists? I never cottoned on to this little stunt either! not admitting the tape as evidence.


1/ Stuart says "your lawyer says to me, has there been any threats? and I says no, there's never been threats."
This statement had me worried as I had already heard rumours that people were saying Stuart had been threatened into making the tapes! The only way now, that the police could cover up this little inconvenience.


1/ Stuart then says "well at the end of the day, I would say somebody is trying to stir the shit then Ian."
Damn straight Stuart, and we can guess who!

2/ Stuart says "If there is any threats, I'll be honest, I'll go straight to the police about it Ian. Cos I've, I've going to court cos I've been tricked, and at the end of the day, I am going to court too tell the truth."
I would say that this statement is proof enough that Mr Buchannon was not threatened, and that the conspiracy by the police is genuine.


1/ By now, I had twigged what was going on and asked Stuart the following question.
"How many times have the coppers asked you?"
Stuarts reply was "If Ive been threatened"
How did Stuart know what I meant by the last question?

2/ Stuart says that a Sergeant asked him "have there been any threats?"
Stuart then replies "to be quite honest, NO."


1/ Stuart then repeats (after being asked again) "there's been no threats to me, my family or friends, any shit like that."
Then the Sergeant asks him yet again! "are you sure."
Stuart replies "I'm a hundred percent sure."
The deaf/corrupt Sergeant, then tells Stuart "well, an Inspector will get in touch with you about that?"
I hope you readers understand now, the depths that the Jersey Police will sink to to prosecute me, or to save themselves.

2/ Our corrupt Sergeant then persists "an Inspector would be in touch within the next day or two."
Clearly, the Jersey Police have already got their plan of action worked out. That plan is to get Stuart Buchannon to say that I threatened him into making the tapes and that he complied under extreme duress. They would then be in a position to get themselves out of the crap they were in, and prefer more charges against myself!!! Yes, I would have been charged with many more offences, perverting the course of justice, to name but one.
They were even prepared to make an Inspector complicit in this web of corruption and conspiracy, how else would our corrupt Sergeant know that an Inspector wanted to talk to Stuart?

The one, single, tiny detail that buggered up their entire corrupt little charade, was this!

3/ Stuart goes on to say "Andy Smith told me this, one night erm, what/whats been said on tape is what I've been told, and your lawyer says he will prompt me on a few things."
He might well have prompted you Stuart, but he knew you would never get to court!


1/ I ask Stuart if my lawyer took a statement off him, Stuart replies,
"NO, he says he didn't actually have to see me."
Can any sane person be asked to believe that a lawyer would not want to see a witness who corroborates the assertions of his client, especially against the word of five police officers ?????
Of course Lakeman is up to his eyeballs in this conspiracy, how the hell could he not be?

I think the evidence really does speak for itself, especially in this case, total corruption!!!

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