Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Section B, The Car Crash" May 1990

Unfortunately, there is no evidence on this section as it was only a Parish Hall enquiry.There are a number of points that I would wish to comment on though, these are as follows :

1./ I saw P.C. Hewlett, after measuring the length of the skid marks with Centenier Jacklin, write the length of the skid marks down in his notebook. Why was this note book not E.S.D.A. tested ? If it had been altered, or a page ripped out on a different date, there is a good chance the same pen would not have been used, so the ink would be different ! Why no tests ?

2./ I was completely on my own side of the road when the Jersey Electric Company van hit me, so what exactly had I done wrong to warrant a Written Warning ?

3./ The J.E.C van was overtaking a parked car when it hit me. I noted the make and registration number of the parked car and gave this to the attending officers, why was the woman driver, who fled the incident in her car after hearing the crash, not at the Parish Hall enquiry ? She was part culpable for parking on a blind bend !

4./ The A.G. states that my claim was not honoured because I had failed to disclose a conviction to my insurance company ? This is not strictly true, I had disclosed all my convictions to the insurance company. My only error is that I had got the dates of the convictions mixed up. The insurance company were just looking for a way to avoid paying out for the damage. Even my insurance brokers sent me a letter voicing their disgust for the shabby treatment that I had received. Furthermore, why should my insurance company have had to pay out anyway ? the accident was in no part, my fault ! The real truth is that Centenier Jacklin and his corrupt cronies were just trying to save good old Jersey J.E.C. some money, and at the same time protecting one of its employee's. How else could my skid marks have grown from 9'3'' and a quarter, all the way up to 56' in the space of two weeks ? Yet Mr Birt Q.C. is obviously not sharp enough to spot the difference between said distances, or indeed, to cause this strange phenomenon to be investigated !!!

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