Monday, November 30, 2009

"P C Parker Statement page 2"

This poxy little weasel then goes on to say that I "forcibly pushed him away" whilst getting more and more irate. Is that not, assaulting a Police Officer ? so why was I not charged with any offence in connection ?
He then states that I had "adopted a very aggressive and threatening attitude" towards him. Then apparently I started shouting threats at the other two officers, more crimes with which to charge me, but again, I was not charged with any offence in connection.
I was asked to empty my pockets which I did, and handed the contents over to Parker, one of which was a small Swiss army penknife. Parker then states that I demanded the knife back ? If that is so, why would I have given it to him in the first place ? It just beggar's belief doesn't it !
Finally at the foot of the page he states that I grabbed his jacket and then his wrists. Yet another assault on a Police Officer ? and yet again, I was not charged with any offence in connection ? Why Not ????? I shall explain later.


  1. I have tried posting on your sight but my extensive postings seem to have gone missing!!!

  2. there are certainly many inconsistancies... if as the police alledge you were quite physical with them, it is strange that you were not charged with assaulting a police officer... amadeus

  3. Dear Anon

    All postings are still in place, I would not remove any comment as I believe everyone has a right to form, and express their own opinion.

  4. the injuries as photographed are not consistent with a serious beating or being dragged along the gound "face down" they are more consistent with a violent arrest.

    The "quick-Lock" hand-cuffs are designed to control and restrain - they hurt and leave marks - they are supposed to!

    The petechial haemorhage marke on the medial aspect of your forearm do not suggest a strike with an asp baton - I have seen the damage they inflict.

    PC now Sgt Smith should have been dismissed - end of

    Likewise WPC now resigned - Tracey Le Nevue

    If you pull out any sort of knife in the presence of police officer you should expect to be put to the ground and maybe handled a tad roughly - let's be realistic here.

    Your g/f who I don't doubt you love had tried to leave you twice - I obviously don't know why but a casual observer might suspect an element of domestic violence. That the Police would put you off her scent by saying she had gone to London might have been a well intentioned gesture ih her favour.

    You say you don't or cannot see your son but do not say if this is circumstantial or as the result of a restraining order.

    You are a big, intimidating man and sadly you are marked in Jersey - you will always be victimized and rightly or wrongly it might be better for you to relocate - this is not to judge your situation but is a suggestion which I believe is pragmatic.

    You say you were stopped for a very offense of causing a public nuisance by urinating... but when other officer arrived you reportedly told the arresting officer he had lied to you.

    Lets consider this, I am on patrol, on my own, I confront a large, powerfully built man for a minor offense. I tell him, truthfully, "if you are not wanted - the matter ends here"

    A check with the PNC reveals that you are wanted and/or known to be violent - the control would automatically send urgent back up - Police Officers have to be protected - that is not unreasonable. - amadeus

  5. p.s the details of your car crash, as described by you give serious cause for concern... amadeus