Monday, November 30, 2009

"Summary Of Parker's Statement" so far !

When compared to my version of events in the 11 page document, matters are clearly worlds apart. So who do you believe ? Is it PC Parker and co, or myself ? Well, lets weigh up the evidence.

1/ You know that no Police Officer suffered injury, yet I was 6' 5" & 18 stone of solid muscle ! Trained in martial arts, and a doorman who dealt with fights on a regular basis !
2/ You have seen the photographs of my treatment.
3/ Parker alleged four separate Police Assaults against me, yet no charges preferred ?
4/ Parker only mentioned two other Officers in attendance, yet there were many more ?
5/ There is the conflicting evidence of the pen-knife.
6/ There is the matter of the verbal threats and yet, no charges preferred ?
7/ There is the assertion that I was completely out of control, yet, what harm did I do ?
8/ There is the evidence of the Police Surgeon, who totally corroborated my version of events ?
9/ Then finally, there is the issue of my being wanted by the Jersey Police ? When customs had detained me for an hour the previous day, and then released me having confirmed that I was not wanted ?

So where are we with all this ? Well, we are not at the end, that's for sure. Parker's statement is seven pages long as it also deals with the incident the next night, also worthy of note is the fact that it took almost four hours for him to write ??? Parker made another statement four days later comprising of two full pages, this only took him a mere 25 minutes !!!

Now on to statement number two of PC Parker, things will shortly become clearer readers.


  1. at first reading, your injuries could be consistent with your story; however they could also be consistant with the police version of events.

    If we believe that you resisted arrest... your injuries are relatively minor consisting of superficial cuts and abrasions.

    Your handcuff trauma is entirely reasonable, and the petechial haemorhage on the medial aspect of your forearm is much more like a restraint injury than a blow from a truncheon.

  2. If I had resisted arrest, Police Officers would have been hurt. However, I have never ever raised a hand to a Police Officer. Not that I haven't wanted too, but will never give them the satisfaction of convicting me for such an offence.

    My self control, and ability to endure pain, is way beyond that of most people.

  3. it is difficult to weigh-up the evidence when flipping backwards and forward on a blog site... but I shall persevere!

    We all know that there is a degree of colusion when police officers write up their statements and there is no easy way to avoid that.

    Like it or not a huge part of the interaction between police and public is the attitude test. They are in a position of authority and as in all walks of life, some will abuse that auhtority. Some are attracted to the job for that very reason. You cannot win an argument with the police... particularly as they hunt in packs and by the nature of the job, have to back each other up. There is huge peer pressure and I imagine an element of bullying that maintains this closed shop. To arrest the person is to deprive them of their libity... usually very much against their will. This will usually cause conflict, ill feeling, resentment and outright hostility. But often in life we have to pick our battles. Some we cannot win, some we may win eventualy but the best we can hope for is a pyrrhic victory. You have to ask yourself - is this battle worth winning? is there a greater good or a high ideal or a moral victory to be had and at what price. amadeus

  4. Dear anon

    To sit back and do nothing, is the greatest evil of all.
    If the abuser's are not detered, they are free to break down your door's and wall's any time they choose. Thus creating a sustained wall of dread and fear !!!

    "Fear Is The Only Darkness"

  5. Dear anon

    Perhaps it might be easier to view if certain pages were printed out. Enabling easier cross refferencing. I cannot think of an easier way to arrange the contents of this site. I am open to suggestions though.