Thursday, November 5, 2009

"The Police Surgeons Report" its the biggy folks

Well, well, an honest man who works for the Jersey Police Force ? Well actually, YES !!!
It took me back a bit, as well. But fair play to the doctor. I was stunned when I initially read this as I feared he would cover this up like the other Police Surgeon does, but we will get to him later.
No, this was a wonderful surprise to have a respected member of the community on your side, and being honest.
He wrote this report after I had explained in detail what had happened to me, and when, and why.
I would draw your attention to point 11 on the report, these were the truncheon marks on my back that the Jersey Police failed to photograph !
Finally, the Attorney General states that I dropped the complaints of assault. Yes this is true, although he does not state why. The reason for this was because of the relentless pressure put on myself and my fiancee. The Police use to follow us home if we had been out anywhere, were always hassling us and generally making our lives as difficult as possible. Also, they tried to interfer with my employment in the night clubs.
The A.G. then goes on to say, "The Crown Advocate has reviewed the papers and there is nothing in them that suggests that this matter should be re-opened." OH, REALLY ?
Well Mr Birt, I can see 15 photographs and a Police Surgeons report, that say otherwise !!!


  1. Bloody Hell Ian - some pretty scary photos there! Shocking and frightening, but in all honesty NOT surprising.

    No wonder you are an angry man - but hey this IS Jersey, and I know it happens.

  2. Good luck I am sure that you will receive justice one day!

  3. Ian get over it and move on mate, otherwise it will just eat you and eat you and that is not healthy. You have got it off your chest now, and that helps, but set your mind onto doing something different now!

    I remember you're case because I used to drink in Churchills and I always said I did not think it was secure. But you still need to move on mate.

  4. The 1st AGM of the Jersey Human Rights Group is Monday 23rd November.
    Any persons interested in promoting Human Rights in Jersey should meet at 5.30pm in the Royal Square near King George's statue.
    Deputy Bob Hill will then admit all into the States Building where the AGM will take place.

    If you leave it to somebody else to do - it won't happen. Be there.