Tuesday, November 3, 2009

" Section C, The Beating That Never Happened" 9th April 1993 pic 1

Here we go with some "juicy bits", you have been waiting a while !

The Attorney General states that on the "5th May 1993, I pleaded guilty to urinating in public and violently resisting arrest". Well of course I did, what the hell else could I do ? It was 3 o'clock in the morning and the only witnesses were 9 or 10, lying, cheating, bullying, corrupt, coward ass police officers. So this plea did not really come as any great surprise to anyone, did it.

Christ, who was a/any judge going to believe, me or Jersey's finest ! In those days, all a defendant could do to help himself was plead guilty and state unequivocally how sorry he was to have caused such an awful scene. Regardless of whether you were actually guilty or not, you had to plead guilty and apologise profusely or your sentence would be doubled. There was (no choice) in those days !!!

I know that people who have not lived here and do not understand, will simply dismiss my last statement as utter rubbish. Of course they will, who could be asked to believe that a purportedly civilised society could be run on the scale of corruption that I am describing ?

Go, Go, Snap 1. Oh, you have seen this one ?

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