Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"PC Parker 2nd Statement" 2 pages

So, four days on from his original statement and three weeks on from the incident, we now have more to contemplate. Parker realises that he has screwed up and decides to try and enhance his initial statement with some dubious explanation as to why I would suddenly go into the purported, fit of rage !!! You must ask yourselves, "why was this not in his original statement" ?

This new statement is clearly designed and constructed to show myself in a bad light, and gives rise to speculation that I had reacted badly to the news that I was in fact wanted, for the evil crime of incurring a parking ticket ! If this was the case, could the Police not have just asked me to attend the Police Station the next morning to clear matters up ???
Parker says how he was prepared to let me off with a verbal caution, these words are not the words used but there we are. He then states that "providing that he was not wanted the matter would go no further". He then goes on to drool about me being able to hear the conversation on his radio, I do not speak Police code as I have never been a Police Officer !!!
Parker then states "Evans would clearly have heard the reply not wanted". I never heard any such thing, Parker must be psychic ? Then he says "I received a coded reply to the effect that Evans was wanted locally". Again, I am not rehearsed in the art of Police code chat, but make your own minds up !

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