Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"PC Parker's Injuries" 1 photo

Remember in my summary I said that no Policemen suffered injury ? So I bring you the photograph of PC Parker's injuries, confused, yup, well so am I keeping in mind that I never laid a finger on any officer !

This is a photograph of the horrific wounds that I apparently inflicted on PC Parker during my uncontrolled fit of rage !!! As you can see, this brave protector of the public has had some traumatic ordeal. I really don't know how I lived with myself after viewing this photo ?
Can you see it ? the injury I mean ? Furthermore, who's arm is it anyway ? When was the picture taken ? and by whom ? and where ? Typical Jersey Police, no chain of evidence. Any crap will do as long as we can convince a judge that it is as we profess it to be. My guess is that this is an old photo of a copper from another case, the Jersey Police have then stuck a little sticker on it at number 16 and proclaimed to the world that this was in fact, PC Parker's arm !!!


  1. This looks like an old bruise because of its color. It also appears to be on his left arm and what appears to possibly be a thumb print on the right doesn't make sense. Why would you be grabbing him by his left arm with your left hand? that would mean that you were standing beside him. The only reason why that would happen would be if you were being assaulted and randomly grabbing or trying to protect yourself from that person trying to hit you with the backside of their arm or hand. That's a bullshit claim...they are lying under oath.
    Deb Gibbons FB

  2. Funny you should say that Deb's, as soon as I saw this photo my thoughts were of a 6 or 7 day old injury.

    The bruising has clearly been there, but no one heals that quickly ! DO THEY ???

    Perhaps it is God that I assaulted ? My, my, no redemption for me !!!