Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Response"

This is the letter that I received from the Attorney General, Mr M.C. ST. J. Birt Q.C , in response to the 11 page document with covering letter.

I was actually thrilled at this letter as I had feared that matters would not even warrant a look in. I really thought that Justice was winging it's way to my cell door as I had been advised that the Attorney General was an honourable man who would not shirk his responsibilities.

It was only a matter of hours later that I actually realised that it was the Attorney General himself who had denied me justice in the first place ! How stupid was I ?

But that is what wrongful conviction and prison does to you. You grasp at dreams with both hands trying to find any excuse to believe that there is a way out of your nightmare !!!

But for the poor, there are no dreams in Jersey Justice, it's just one never ending nightmare !

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