Friday, October 16, 2009

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  1. still pouring over the mass of evidence... on first reading I would have to say that your injuries, as photographed do not correspond to your allegations of police brutality.

    It would seem that rightly or wrongly (I don't know you) you are a big man with a reputation.

    Your partner, who I don't doubt you love, has twice ran away from you and the police, wroghtly or wrongly seem to have aided her by throwing you off the scent (london not Dublin) in any event, te police do not launch missing erson enquiries for healthy adults. It might appear to some that your partner was the victim of domestic violence and wanted seperation. You say you cannot see your son... is this circumstantial or is their a restraining order to that effect.

    It seems obvious, from what you have said, that you are a marked man... either that or you attract trouble. You have to accept that police officers will usuallly back each other up because when the chips are down you want to be assured that your collegues will back you up. Not always right, not always just.. but a fact.

    The conduct of Andy Bisson an ex WPC lE NEVUE IS APPALING - WHY WAS BISSON NOT DISMISSED???

    Can't help thinking for your own sake you would do well to return to the mainland. Right or wrong you are a marked man and will never get closure/justice in Jersey and will never find peace of mind.

    But I will study your case in more detail over the following days.

  2. p.s if ever you are in the company of Police Officers do not, repeat, do not produce a knife.... I've shot men for less!

    you should not be suprised that you were put to the ground and arrested without the usual niceties! amadeus

  3. Dear Anon

    My ex was 'NOT' a victim of domestic violence, I only ever hit her once. That was when she was drunk, had trashed the gaff, and came flying at me with a boning knife whilst I was holding my son, who I had to drop on the floor. The knife was passed to the Police with her prints on it, and there were two witnesses.

    I believe she got a restraining order at the Four Courts in Dublin, after the incident that I have just described. God knows what she told them? but I will bet it was not the truth!

    I have no intention of leaving the island, I will choose where I live thank you! not a bunch of corrupt cowards and bullies.

    Your advice on your P.S. is well heeded.