Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"The Response 2" page 1

Well, here we are again people, and it's the second instalment of the Attorney General's response.

It would perhaps, at this stage, be appropriate to note the date on this document, the 7th of February 2000. Bearing in mind my revamped complaints were dated the 17th of December 1996, it appears that Mr Birt Q.C. was in no hurry to publish his findings on these matters. However, he did state in a previous response that the files were " voluminous."

Three years and three months worth ? Whatever !

So what I will do next is let you read these four pages without any outside interference, that means I will be keeping my trap shut. I would also like you all to keep in mind my version of events when reading through this dribble, just for comparison purposes.

After that, I will take you through each section as corresponded in Mr Birt's letter. I will then have the opportunity to match the relevant evidence with the A.G's summary as we go through the document. This is probably the most humorous way of doing it and a real feast for the eyes, as you will see "Alice in Wonderland" !

As Jilted John use to say, " here we go, 2. 3. 4. "

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