Thursday, March 25, 2010

"The Buchannon Affair" Section F (the shit hits the fan)

Well folks, it's the 16th April 1995 and here we go with some REAL EVIDENCE, and not just the conflicted, run of the mill, lunatic waffling's of the Jersey Police backing each other up to the hilt.

In this section we have the statements of the five police officers, we have the story as told by myself of what ACTUALLY HAPPENED !!!

The offending officers are as follows:
Pc Andy Smith
Wpc Tracy Le Neveu
Pc Paul Whale
Sgt Charles McDowell
Wpc Keeley Wood

What we also have is the evidence of a truthful, and indeed, honourable man who was a very good friend of one of the police officers (Pc Andy Smith) involved in this shocking tale of collusion, conspiracy, bullying and perjury.

Furthermore, we have the sheer malfeasance of a Judge and an Advocate (my advocate?) who have colluded in this case to protect the five corrupt police officers from perjury charges, and subsequently, prison sentences.

Judge Terry.C.Sowden Q.C
Advocate Christopher Lakeman

Also, we will be featuring the recordings and transcripts of Stuart Buchannon's evidence. This will give the unbelievers much to ponder on and will give you a clear insight into the corrupt workings of Judges, Advocates, and the States of Jersey Police.

We will be finishing off this case with the representations, or rather, lack of them, by our so called "Accredited Media" who did (as per usual) the bare minimum in reporting this case to the Jersey public and the outside world.

So, settle down with a good stiff drink and soak up some of the fine Jersey Corruption on offer!

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