Sunday, March 7, 2010

"PC R Parker Statement" continued, page 6

"Sgt Minty was still trying to reason with Evans and it was during this distraction that both females managed to get out of the doorway and run off toward Minden Place."

Distraction? No No No, it was at this point that I knew I was in for another night in the cells, more trumped up charges, and another possible beating. This is the point where I (foolishly) went into my pocket, pulled out the penknife and put it to my own wrist. I then told Minty and Parker to back off or I would cut my own wrist. See how the police lie and manipulate any situation to make it sound as dire as possible.

"Evans then left the doorway and began to run toward Minden Place. As he did so I saw him going through his pockets he then stopped outside the Viceroy restaurant."

Hahaha, this is absolutely impossible! Why? well because the Viceroy is next to the doorway, and the doorway is nearer to Minden Place than the Viceroy!!! It follows therefore, that I would have to have been running in the opposite direction to Minden Place, bloody idiot.

According to Parker, I then "turned to face myself and Sgt Minty waving an arm about in front of him he shouted (I'm going to fucking cut you)."

Again, Parker is lying. It was at this point that I actually closed the penknife and put it back in my pocket, but there we are. Well there we have it folks, Grave & Criminal Assault on a police officer NUMBER THREE, and I was not charged with any offence in connection!!!

"Evans took hold of her (Lisa) with an arm across her chest and positioned her directly in front of him." "He then lifted up his free hand in which I saw he was holding a knife with the blade open and held it to her throat shouting threats and telling us to get away."

So, according to (honest John) PC Parker, this is the first time he saw the knife? Whatever. He then says that I held it to Lisa's throat, the girl I was in love with? Whatever. Oh, and before we forget, this is now Grave & Criminal Assault NUMBER FOUR, and I was not charged with any offence in connection!!!

I really am racking up the assault charges aren't I, four in the space of two minutes, WOW.

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