Saturday, March 20, 2010

"PC S Bisson Statement" page 2

"At 01.58 hrs that morning I entered Evans cell in the company of Pc Martin Journeaux, Pc Thomas, and Sgt Le Suer. By this time Evans had calmed down significantly and was very tearful. I removed his handcuffs and he was spoken to by Sergeant Le Suer who told him he would be given time to calm down before allowing him a phone call."

This is actually true despite contradictions from the other officers. So there I am, handcuffs removed, calm but tearful and speaking to Sgt Le Suer. SO WHAT HAPPENED to get me all rialed up then???

Well, I will tell you. Two or three coppers stood there for half an hour taking the piss out of the fact that we (myself & Lisa) had had two miscarriages!!! Is this type of action within police mandate???

Is it any wonder then, that I totally flipped. These idiots will do anything they can to wind a prisoner up and incite behaviour to cause more offences to be committed. This is how the Jersey Police operate, ask anyone who has ever been arrested by them, they will all tell the same story.

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