Saturday, March 6, 2010

"My Summary Of Events On The 9/April/1993"

This is the last page on this particular event before we move on to the corruption of the 10/April/1993, (the next night).

I hope that by now, I have clearly shown what a shower of liars and bullies the Jersey Police, lawyers, judges, and the establishment are? I think it is true too say that you cannot argue with your own lies, especially when they are as well documented as they are on this blog.

There can be NO DOUBT that many, if not all of the policemen involved in this incident have lied, and/or conspired to pervert the course of justice.

There can be NO DOUBT that the police surgeon Dr M.Hommes has sided with the police, a trait that will become more obvious as we progress through the cases on offer.

There can be NO DOUBT that the judges have at best, washed their hands of any intention to weed out the truth, or indeed, to expose it.

There can be NO DOUBT that my Advocate has performed in the most disdainful manner in that none of the previous evidence even got a mention, let alone got aired in a court of law.

There can be NO DOUBT that the Attorney General has done all in his power to cover this matter up, and in doing so, shielded corrupt policemen, court officials and lawyers from the criminality that they have committed.

There can be NO DOUBT that the only hope that I ever had of a peaceful life in Jersey, was to take this abuse on the chin, and in the pocket. Keep my mouth shut about corruption, and apologise profusely for the wrongdoing of others to my person.

For this is Jersey Justice, and so, welcome to "The Jersey Way" !!!!! See you all soon.

P.S I know that members of the Jersey Police Force & The Establishment are reading this blog. If any of you would like to comment, or indeed, attempt to defend yourselves on my charges against you, I would be more than happy to publish and challenge any of your comments, especially those of the Policemen that are mentioned herein.

What is the betting that the comment numbers are zero, zilch, zip ?????

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