Monday, March 1, 2010

"PC Mark Burke Statement" page 2

Now for some of those promised nibbles! more like bites actually.

"at one point while he was on the floor being searched Pc Hayes was holding his legs and Evans straightened his legs violently, throwing Pc Hayes off his legs".

"Being searched", the other officers have stated that I was far to violent to be searched? What is this guy on about ???

"Throwing Pc Hayes off his legs". Why does Pc Hayes not make any mention of this incident in his statement, as it is clearly yet another police assault?

Nope, more lies from a corrupt policeman. If they are going to invent garbage like this, you would at least expect them to collaborate a little more closely!

No wonder he is called Burke !!!


  1. My goodness ! Did you have an entire bin of papers to be lit ? Why else would they have needed a fire extinguisher ? Even a phone book on fire would not cause an alarming fire, would it ?

  2. Ha ha,

    No, the fire extinguisher was sprayed in my face for the ammusement of the police officers.