Monday, March 22, 2010

"My Summary Of Section D"

Well, what do you think? Just who is the wolf, and who is the lamb?

It certainly sounded bad from the police point of view didn't it. Is Ian Evans really that evil?

I will let you decide, but, please take on board the facts whilst deliberating on your opinion.

I believe that I have shown you all a catalogue of lies from police officers in this case, that cannot be in dispute. Furthermore, I was not charged with any offences in connection with the many alleged Grave & Criminal Assaults on police officers, or indeed Lisa. Other than Pc Langlois (2 very minor scratches), no police officer reported any injury.

Many of you will have no concept of just how corrupt and ethically bankrupt the regime in Jersey is. You will have no idea of just how low they will stoop to get you if they do not like you, or if your face does not fit. Stay with me on this, because I will provide the evidence.

These last cases are the ones referred to in the covering letter of the 11 page document. I stated therein, that I had little or no evidence for these cases. To the trained eye, a lot of this evidence is damning. To Joe Public, it takes some doing to get your head around.

I will leave you with two thoughts:
1. Lisa testified in court that "she had never even seen a knife".
2. Sections C & D came about because (section C) I had a piss late at night, and (section D) because I wanted to talk to my ex-girlfriend Lisa.

I was obviously set up by the police as I should have been arrested at the harbour's immigration control when detained. Mountains out of mole hill's, and police over-reaction springs to mind.


  1. Ian, you waste your time. Nobody gives a fuck about your poor life with the police. Only being honest. Move on for fucks sake and stop acting like a complete twat! I am sayng this in the nicest way.

  2. Dear anonymous

    Thank you for your honesty, (Nobody gives a fuck about your poor life with the police) WRONG, I DO !!!

    Perhaps you would care to email me and let me know who you are, then we could discuss your viewpoints, man to man?