Saturday, March 20, 2010

"PC S Bisson Statement" page 3

"Upon approaching the cell area I could see smoke coming from Evans cell and it was soon apparent that he had set fire to his blanket."

Haha, impossible. Police Station Blankets do not, and cannot burn, they are deliberately made of flame retardant material for this very purpose. So, sorry Steve old chap, but NOT TRUE !!! I had actually set fire to some toilet paper, and then, my shirt. So why is this copper saying it was the cell blanket ? More proof that policemen will say just about anything, other than the truth.
"I then saw Evans throwing a disposable lighter through the cell door opening, which hit Pc Martin Journeaux on the side of the head causing bruising."

Again, the same lies, and not very good ones. No need to go into the police surgeon thing, and the bruise syndrome again is there!

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