Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Attorney General's Outlook On This Case"

So let us see what Mr Birt can come up with in response to this tirade of lies and deceit
We now go back to the second response from the Attorney General, page two.
Not unreasonable you would think from reading his explanation. What the A.G fails to mention is the small matter of being emotionally blackmailed by my advocate, and the centennier who was outside court. The continuous bullying from the police, and attempts to interfere with my employment in the pubs and nightclubs.
In addition to which, we were hassled none stop by certain officers, all putting pressure on Lisa and our relationship.
Notwithstanding the undeniable fact that I was never ever going to get any justice from a system so riddled with corruption and totally devoid of human ethics and morals, that the only chance I had was to forget matters and hope I would be left alone to live in peace. This I will prove to you over the next five cases, so bare with me and be patient, the truth will out !!!

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