Saturday, March 20, 2010

"PC A Bisson Statement" continued, page 6

"I was standing about 4 feet from the cell door when I saw Evans throw a lighter out of the cell hatch with great force. This hit Pc M Journeaux, who was standing about six-7 feet away. It struck Pc Journeaux on the side of his head and broke on the impact."

Again, this is grave & Criminal Assault, yet no charges against me. The lighter broke on impact? Err, no it didn't. When I got the lighter back the next morning, I found that the police had dismantled it to the point of even taking the wheel apart and the flint was missing!!!

"On looking at Pc Journeaux's head, I could see a bruise coming up immediately."

Whatever, anyone with even the most minimal basic medical knowledge knows full well that it takes time for a bruise to appear.

Again, why no complaint of Police Assault, no charges and no evidence from the police surgeon? ANSWER, Pc Andrew Bisson is just an out and out LIAR!!!

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