Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Section E, The Evil Policemen"

I have now had my little tantrum (which was allowed). We shall now revert back to type and do things with a clear mind, and the hefty stick of justice. REAL JUSTICE, not Jersey Justice!

Section E, arises out of my Fiancee and young son disappearing from Jersey with no word, the reasons for which, have still not been made clear to me. This section is on pages 4 and 5 of the eleven page document and should be read first.

My Points Of View & Questions

1. Why send me away to worry myself sick for two days when they knew the truth from the outset?
2. Why could the police just not say, we know where they are, and that they are both safe?
3. Why, when I rang Kingston Police, and they subsequently faxed the Jersey Police, did the Jersey Police refuse to co-operate with the Kingston Police?
4. Why did they lie to me by telling me that Lisa had flown to Heathrow, when she had flown to Ireland?
5. Why refuse to fax Dublin Police Station, it would have taken two short minutes and given me some peace of mind?
6. Why would they laugh at me and mock me about something like this. My family was missing and could have been floating in a canal for all I knew?
7. Why say to me "just face it Ian, she fucking hates you". This is the last thing you need to be told in this situation?
8. Why arrest me for swearing at them when they had just done the exact same to me?
9. Why should the police get away with their disgusting treatment of myself, and the assault and perjurious statements that must have followed, but were not handed to me?
10. Why is it that the only person to give a damn was the Irish Policeman, when I went back the next night? (Many thanks to you Sir, a gentleman)

The Attorney General's Take On The Matter

1. "You allege that the police were un-cooperative and dishonest over the state of their enquiries".
Err, hello, where they not? Their phone records would have proved this fact as would the sound and video evidence from their reception area? Was this checked? Destroyed probably!!!

2. "you further allege that you were assaulted by police officers at police headquarters when you insulted them because of their alleged lack of co-operation".
I see Mr Birt, it is fine for them to insult me in the first instance then, is it? The assault that took place must have been caught on the outside camera's of the police station, were they checked? Destroyed probably !!!

3. "your complaint was investigated by superintendent Le Brocq".
Is this the same Le Brocq who (I believe, at the time) was being investigated for corruption, for tearing pages out of his note book? and who was(I believe) fired for said offence?

4. "I concluded that no criminal proceedings should be issued against them"...."and the complaint was therefore recorded as unsubstantiated".
Unsubstantiated? If the evidence that was on offer was ignored or destroyed, yes it would be, wouldn't it !!!


The evidence was there for viewing. It was either viewed and destroyed, or just destroyed. The latter being the obvious scenario.
There was no need for the Jersey Police to have treated me in this manner, they did it only in the hope that I would react, and I did! BUT WHO THE HELL WOULD NOT HAVE ?


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