Friday, February 19, 2010

"Sgt D.A.Minty Statement" page 2 "It's The Biggy"

"I was concerned for the safety and welfare of the officers present. Fortunately, he was eventually handcuffed with only a minority of officers sustaining minor injuries."

The only officer on record to complain of an injury was Pc Parker? and as we have seen from the police photograph, his injury was probably four or five days old anyhoo. So, Minty old chap, who were the other officers to complain of injury ???
"I could see that where he had been thrashing about, and "bucking" his head, because of the restraint, Evans had grazed the side of his head on the floor. I am confident that this minor injury sustained by Evans was caused by his own resistance of the officers present."
Minor injury (singular) huh, and here we go again with that "cover your ass" syndrome? care to look again at the photographs of the police assault on me? The punchline comes right at the end, and I quote....
"I gave direction and advice to the officers concerned (concerned is crossed out) involved concerning the case and offences committed by Evans."
YES SGT MINTY, YOU SURE DID, we can clearly see that simply by reading the LIES of Wpc Karen Anne Bechelet (and the other officers) in my last post on this blog !!!!!!!!!!
And despite your lies, and those of all the other officers, I was still not charged with any assault in connection to your lies. Think about that one Minty ?

"Sgt D.A.Minty Statement" page 1

This clown, in my opinion, is the ringleader for the lies and corruption in this case. The words he uses in this statement are open to interpretation, but nonetheless damning.

Minty shows a clear intention to dramatize matters to a maximum, and pressure other officers into submissions they may not otherwise have made.
This is called "bullying & criminality", not to mention "fabrication of evidence and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice" !!!
"the man who was lying face down on the floor shouting and screaming a torrent of abuse, offering very violent threats to all the officers."
Again, not a mention of one single word used in these vile and alarming threats !!! I wonder why ??? Perhaps that mental illness we spoke of earlier, has reached the higher echelons of command. Eeeek !!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"WPC K Bechelet Statement" page 2 "It's The Biggy"

Here we go folks, and try not to pop a stitch laughing, this truly is beyond belief !!!

End of last Para: "I returned to police headquarters where once Evans was placed in a cell, heard him bang the door (with his head) a number of times."
Hahaha aahha aahhaha aahh haaaah.

How did she know it was the door that was being banged? How in the hell could she know that the door, if banged, was being banged by my head? As if this crap is not bad enough, look at her statement!!! She has crossed out "with his head" and initialed it !!!

Anyone, owning the tiniest amount of "grey matter" would have rewrote this page. But not this idiot, this idiot has shown "beyond any reasonable doubt" that she was quite clearly copying from someone else's statement. A small case of collusion me thinks!!!

Even more frightening is the fact that no Judge, no Advocate and no Superior Officer has even made a note of this blatant and damning corruption, let alone taken steps to either correct it, or expose it !!!!!


"WPC K Bechelet Statement" page 1

This statement by wpc Karen Bechelet, on page two, shows the utter and complete idiocy that States of Jersey Police display. You will love it.

Para: 3 "Immediately after our arrival Evans became violent towards Pc Parker."

By this statement she is clearly indicating that when she arrived, no one was being violent!

So in accordance, we can conclude that the other three police officers were lying !!!

"PC S Thomas Statement" page 3

Jesus, this chap really is insecure. On this page he yet again, feels the need to "cover ass" about my head injuries.

"Again, during this time, I had hold of his head to stop it striking the ground."
I was being carried to the van by God knows how many coppers, how the hell could there have been any chance of me striking my head on the ground ?

Insecure Simon, then "covers ass" a third time. "Upon entering the cell, Evans was placed on the floor so that he may be searched. During this, I again took hold of his head in an attempt to stop it from hitting the floor as he struggled."

"Evans continued to kick out with his legs causing one officer to be knocked over."...... Now that does it, why was I not charged with assaulting a police officer??? and why has this lying asshole not named the officer??? And how can you kick someone over while you are handcuffed, face down on the floor, with coppers on top of you???

As if these lies are not enough for you, this utter twat then goes for the fourth and final "cover ass session". And I quote..... "Evans got up and it appeared to me that Evans was banging his head against the cell door several times." I am so sick of this turd !!!

"PC S Thomas Statement" page 2

On this page we have the classic "cover our own arses, lies". And I quote....

"Whilst Evans was on the floor and other officers were attempting to handcuff him, I took hold of his head in an attempt to stop it hitting the floor as he struggled."

Well Pc Thomas, how considerate of you, or are you just trying to cover up for the wounds that you and your fellow bullies inflicted on me? We know the truth, don't we.

"PC S Thomas Statement" page 1

Nothing to get in a flap over on this page, in fact, Pc Thomas paints a picture of relative calm, up until the last line.
"I went over to Pc Parker and ascertained that Evans was being arrested and the officers were attempting to place him in the rear of the police vehicle, but due to his obvious violent behaviour, this was proving difficult."
"Obvious violent behaviour"? Err, what obvious violent behaviour? Why is this guy not stating what is happening, and how can it be violent when he refuses to describe any kind of violence! Also worthy of note is the fact that no other officer states that they were trying to put me in the back of the police car !
I hope you are all beginning to understand the garbage that the Jersey Police come out with. They do this because they know they will not be questioned on it by a judge, a defence lawyer or their own superiors.
This is exactly how unaccountable the Jersey Police are, and why they have gotten away with it for so long.

"PC A Hayes Statement" page 3

On this page we read more evidence that the airborne strain is mutating. Eeeek !!!

"PC A Hayes Statement" page 2

Again, the same mandatory dross for this page. No mention of bouncing my face along the road, or any mention of being rammed head first under a car! No surprises there then.

One notable point is at the foot of the page. "he was carried from the police van and directly into a cell where he was placed on the floor and searched."

Other officers have stated that I was not searched as I was so violent, can anyone help me out on this one?
Perhaps the mental illness has gone airborne!!!

"PC A Hayes Statement" page 1

Perhaps this chap suffers from the same mental illness that Pc Angell does, but you decide!
Para: 2 continues into page two "Evans was being held.....He was constantly struggling, lashing out at any body close to him."
Oh dear! How do you constantly lash out at people when you are being held ??? It really is very sad.
Hopefully, Pc Hayes has since undergone some form of mental help therapy, he is clearly suffering.

"PC R Angell Statement" page 3

Now this page I really enjoyed reading, it is at para: 1 that I started chuckling to myself.
"Evans took hold of Pc Parker's wrist's, and made threats, telling Pc Parker that he was going to kill himself."???
What is this lunatic on about? Why would I want to kill myself? and why do the other two officer's make no mention of this quite bizarre statement? Surely if someone had told you that they were going to kill themselves, you would remember it !!!
Para: 2 "Evans was by now extremely violent and a request for urgent assistance was made." ??? Extremely violent! Hmmm, How? I was not charged with any offence whatsoever in connection with any physical or verbal assaults? I was only charged with urinating in public and violently resisting arrest, and violently resisting arrest in Jersey is a mandatory charge, they charge everyone with it. One can only assume that Pc Angell suffered some sort of delusional mental problem.
Again, no mention of allegedly being placed on the bonnet of the police car and certainly no mention of me being bounced along the road head first. How odd!!!

"PC R Angell Statement" page 2

On this page we find much the same dross as the other two statements.

All this dreadful swearing and threats and no one has as yet, stated what was said.

"PC R Angell Statement" page 1

Hello again people, we continue now with the statement of Pc Angell.

I think that the first point of note is that Pc Angell wrote his statement four days after those of Parker & Bisson. This statement, when compared to those of Parker and Bisson, is a mix of both the other statements and would appear that there has been collusion between the three of them.
The first point in this concoction of lies is that at para:3 Angell states that "Pc Parker was speaking to Evans. He informed Evans that he was wanted and that he was arresting him for that reason. Pc Parker then cautioned Evans."
Angell and Bisson were not even there at that time! They arrived as Parker was finishing his radio conversation. Angell then says I was cautioned by Parker? I was never cautioned by anyone throughout the whole incident, I was just stood there wondering what the hell was going on!