Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"PC S Thomas Statement" page 3

Jesus, this chap really is insecure. On this page he yet again, feels the need to "cover ass" about my head injuries.

"Again, during this time, I had hold of his head to stop it striking the ground."
I was being carried to the van by God knows how many coppers, how the hell could there have been any chance of me striking my head on the ground ?

Insecure Simon, then "covers ass" a third time. "Upon entering the cell, Evans was placed on the floor so that he may be searched. During this, I again took hold of his head in an attempt to stop it from hitting the floor as he struggled."

"Evans continued to kick out with his legs causing one officer to be knocked over."...... Now that does it, why was I not charged with assaulting a police officer??? and why has this lying asshole not named the officer??? And how can you kick someone over while you are handcuffed, face down on the floor, with coppers on top of you???

As if these lies are not enough for you, this utter twat then goes for the fourth and final "cover ass session". And I quote..... "Evans got up and it appeared to me that Evans was banging his head against the cell door several times." I am so sick of this turd !!!

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  1. Police terminology... "holding his head" = Pinning a persons skull to the tarmac by sitting on it. Not funny if the PC is fat!