Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"PC R Angell Statement" page 1

Hello again people, we continue now with the statement of Pc Angell.

I think that the first point of note is that Pc Angell wrote his statement four days after those of Parker & Bisson. This statement, when compared to those of Parker and Bisson, is a mix of both the other statements and would appear that there has been collusion between the three of them.
The first point in this concoction of lies is that at para:3 Angell states that "Pc Parker was speaking to Evans. He informed Evans that he was wanted and that he was arresting him for that reason. Pc Parker then cautioned Evans."
Angell and Bisson were not even there at that time! They arrived as Parker was finishing his radio conversation. Angell then says I was cautioned by Parker? I was never cautioned by anyone throughout the whole incident, I was just stood there wondering what the hell was going on!

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