Friday, February 19, 2010

"Sgt D.A.Minty Statement" page 2 "It's The Biggy"

"I was concerned for the safety and welfare of the officers present. Fortunately, he was eventually handcuffed with only a minority of officers sustaining minor injuries."

The only officer on record to complain of an injury was Pc Parker? and as we have seen from the police photograph, his injury was probably four or five days old anyhoo. So, Minty old chap, who were the other officers to complain of injury ???
"I could see that where he had been thrashing about, and "bucking" his head, because of the restraint, Evans had grazed the side of his head on the floor. I am confident that this minor injury sustained by Evans was caused by his own resistance of the officers present."
Minor injury (singular) huh, and here we go again with that "cover your ass" syndrome? care to look again at the photographs of the police assault on me? The punchline comes right at the end, and I quote....
"I gave direction and advice to the officers concerned (concerned is crossed out) involved concerning the case and offences committed by Evans."
YES SGT MINTY, YOU SURE DID, we can clearly see that simply by reading the LIES of Wpc Karen Anne Bechelet (and the other officers) in my last post on this blog !!!!!!!!!!
And despite your lies, and those of all the other officers, I was still not charged with any assault in connection to your lies. Think about that one Minty ?


  1. Hello Ian I am an avid reader of your blog. We must get together and swap notes. I live just down the road from you. All the best.


  2. ... and no mention at all made of the police officer knocked to the ground in the cell !